A PhD update: 6 months to go

My time as a PhD student is ticking away. It’s ticking away far quicker than I want it to be. It seems like only last week that I was writing and preparing my previous update at 8 months to go back in January. Now, the thesis submission deadline is at just 6 months! So, I […]

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Scientist in the Spotlight. Alex D.

In today’s world, social media influencers and YouTube personalities are basically celebrities. So, I am thrilled to announce then that I have a celebrity on the blog today… and she’s a scientist with over 25,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel!!! . This month’s Scientist in the Spotlight is a science vlogger and shares her videos […]

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What are stem cells?

So, I got my PhD πŸ˜€ and after a month back in the lab I’ve remembered how much I love science and how I want to talk about it with anyone and everyone and teach anyone about what I do. My PhD is in stem cell biology so the next few blog posts will be […]

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