Ph.Done! … now what?!

My PhD thesis is written and I am in that awkward in-betweeny phase where I am waiting for my viva date and that oral examination which will determine whether I am worthy of the title Dr or not, and also delaying writing what will be my final PhD advice & experience blog posts while I […]

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Ph.Done! … but still not a Dr.

I’m starting off October with a BIG announcement! Are you ready? *drum roll please* . I SUBMITTED MY PHD THESIS!!! . After 4 years of research, 500 pages, 104790 words, 657 Western blots, faaaar too many PCRs, metabolism assays and failed experiments, billions of stem cells and countless late nights and weekends and finally after […]

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A PhD update: 1 month to go!

🎢It’s the final countdown!🎢 🎢Do do do do, do-do do do do!🎢 . Writing about having 8 months left, 6 months left and even 3 months left of being a PhD student, I always felt like I had loads of time left. But where the hell has all that time gone!? I am now just […]

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