Just me talking about science!

Hi! I’m Soph! I live just north of London, UK. I am a sports enthusiast with a forever desire to be travelling and snapping cities when I’m not doing the day job as a science communicator for a medical research institute. I have recently finished up my PhD in stem cell biology where my research looked into understanding how metabolism and low oxygen keeps stem cells pluripotent with the future aim of having better stem cells to make heart cells, or liver cells, or skin cells for example out of for use in future medicine. But now I have made the leap from lab research into science communication and I am excited to see where this takes me.



Welcome to my little corner of the internet where I share insights into life as a scientist and tips for surviving all stages of a PhD – all the things I wanted to know before starting my PhD journey – and now as I transition into my scicomm career and everything I am learning there.

I also love to showcase different scientists and their stories, particularly women in STEM, to show to the world that being a scientist is not just one thing; an old man in a white coat spending forever hunched over a lab bench! I also want to show how being a scientist is just about being curious and asking question more than anything – so I have started some new features on my blog where I’m incorporating my other passions, such as travel, with my love of science and education to highlight how engrained science is for every single one of us.

My blog started out as a small creative outlet for me to experiment with my love of writing, but it has since turned into something much more exciting than I could have ever imagined and I absolutely LOVE IT!

Although I used to spend most of my time kitted out in my lab coat – which is not white but blue or yellow, and I miss it so much! – researching pluripotent stem cells, I am incredibly passionate about taking science out of the lab and to the people that matter – YOU! – and I feel so lucky to be able to share that in my day job, on my social media platforms and her on my blog!

I truly believe in the power of science to inspire, educate and entertain, and I follow the motto:

‘Science is not finished until it is communicated’

I’m incredibly passionate about teaching and inspiring people to get involved in science or at least understand a bit more about what they read in the media so you the public can make informed opinions of your own. I think that scientists often neglect the importance of engaging with the public and communicating their research clearly and concisely, so I would LOVE this blog to showcase science, scientists and to spread public awareness on stem cell research and much, much more!



2018 was a big year for me passing my PhD viva & becoming Dr Soph. But 2019 is even bigger with making that transition from PhD student to a full time scicomm career, finding a way to up my blogging game even more, hopefully buying a house and the small matter of marrying my best friend!

I hope you will enjoy sharing this journey with me and watch me navigate this wonderful world as a scientist, STEMinist & science communicator – all delivered with a side helping of science!



If you’re interested in being featured in my blog, want to collaborate, there’s a topic you want me to tackle or you just want to give me some feedback about my blog, how it looks and everything it in – please pop it in the form below and it will land in my inbox so I can make Soph talks science even better. Thank you.



7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Soph!
    Our English Literature and Language class are studying your ‘ABOUT’ page for our exam next year. We were wondering if you draft your blogs before you publish them?
    Also, congratulations on your engagement 🙂
    From 13A, Tring School


    1. Hi Lucy and the rest of 13A. Still is very weird to me that you guys are studying this. And it does remind me that I need to update my About page too.
      Yes I do draft blogs before I publish them. But sometimes I have less time to edit than I would like so sometimes they feel much more rushed and like I’m just hitting publish straight away.
      It would be great to know what you all think about this and the rest of the site too.
      Thanks for commenting.


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