5 amazing science podcasts to listen to right now

Podcasts are growing in popularity every single year. This means there are thousands of hours of audio storytelling out there ready and waiting for you to plug in and listen to, and don’t even get me started on the amount of options to choose from. No matter what your interested in, there is most likely a podcast out there for you. But how do we know which one to start with?

Well, I am here to help with that.

I’m assuming you are here and reading this because you are looking for a science podcast – right? There are more and more incredible science podcasts out there – here are some of my favourites that I wrote about last year! Some that look at the stories of scientists, some look at controversial topics, some delve into the mysteries of how we exist and all in between. There are so many to choose from! So, for this post, i thought I would give you a helping hand and point you in the direction of 5 amazing science podcasts that I love listening to and that you should subscribe to right now! Plus a bonus recommendation for a podcast I love right now that isn’t science related but combines two other things I am passionate about – food and comedy!

So, get stuck in. Here are 5 science podcasts you should be listening to right now to start adding a little something to your scientific knowledge. No PhD or lab hours required.

Surprisingly Brilliant

Hosted by the amazingly brilliant Maren Hunsberger & awesomely brilliant Greg Foot, this podcast “tells the true stories of the wild experiments, bizarre journeys, and strange ideas that led to incredible discoveries, life-saving medicines, and evidence of where we all came from”. This podcast is making lockdown so much more enjoyable for me and Maren & Greg’s talent for storytelling is something I can only dream of as a fellow science communicator. They keep you engaged throughout every episode and they make you feel like you are not learning as your brain is absorbing all these incredible stories and facts that you had no idea about before. So, go and listen to this one right now and discover that not all scientific breakthroughs come through a lab.

 My top 3 episodes:

An Annoying Noise – A Case of Botanical Espionage – Death by Peach Melba

Small Screen Science

Small Screen Science is a very new podcast that takes some of your favourite TV shows and answers the science questions behind them that you have all been longing for the answers for, or maybe the questions behind them that you didn’t even know you wanted answered. Hosts Karen Collins and Emma Brisdion talk to experts in different fields to find out more about the small screen science of Strictly Come Dancing or The Great British Bake Off. There are only 4 episodes out at the time of writing this – but I love what this podcast shares.

My top 3 episodes:

Soggy Bottom Science – Strictly Science – Six Pack Science

Math Therapy

Yes, it is a podcast about maths, but don’t freak out! I am go awful at maths. I can just about add, subtract, multiply and divide. But I do love this podcast. I’m sure there are many of you out there like me who hate doing maths, or think they can’t do maths, but this podcast helps you realise that you are not the only one. Host Vanessa Vakharia aka the Math Guru talks to different people about their relationship with maths and “offers a prescription to help them start living their best lives”. There are no complicated maths problems for you to solve, so seriously give this podcast a listen.

My top 3 episodes:

Why You Think You Suck at Math – A Mathemagical Crisis – It’s Never Too Late

Women Tech Charge

“From fashion to finance, technology is revolutionising every area of our lives. Meet the extraordinary women who are leading the charge.” This podcast is hosted by the inspirational Anne-Marie Imafidon, you can listen to interviews with amazing women in STEM who are using tech and numbers to become entrepreneurs, make films, help us explore space, race cars or even deliver beauty products to your door. There are so many incredibly inspiring stories that you just must check out in this podcast.

My top 3 episodes:

Jenny Griffiths MBE, SnapTech: Where Did She Get That Dress? – Rachel Riley, Countdown – Do Maths, Not War – Charmaine Chan, LucasFilms – Making Disney+ New Star Wars Show ‘The Mandalorian’

This Podcast Will Kill You

Okay – it won’t really, but this podcast talks about things that potentially could! Hosted by The Erins – Erin Welsh & Erin Allmann Updyke – these two disease ecologists found a fab new way to communicate their love of epidemics and weird medical mysteries. They are clearly very on topic for the current global situation and have a whole new COVID-19 series that you should check out. But the cover a huge range of topics from lactose intolerance, to parasites, to ticks, to STIs and so much more. And that is not all, each episode is delivered with a recipe for a cocktail – check out their website for the full list of ‘Quarantinis’ and ‘Placeboritas’ that you can enjoy whilst listening. Seriously subscribe to this one right now!

My top 3 episodes:

The Poop Show – MRSA: Make Resistance Susceptible Again – Zika: Rumors and Rumours

And now for my bonus non-science podcast recommendation….

Off Menu

If you know me, then you will know I’m a bit of a comedy buff. You will also know that I love my food. So combining the two together in Off Menu is a perfect match for me. Hosted by the amazing Ed Gamble & James Acaster, they invite guests onto their show and ask them to share their ultimate starter, main course, side, drink and dessert. I’ve been thinking about what my answers would be, but I won’t share that with you now in case I ever get invited onto the show πŸ˜› So Ed, James, if you’re reading this, I am ready and prepared to make my appearance πŸ˜› But seriously go and watch it because it is hilarious, and now I’m hungry from thinking about food.

My top 3 episodes:

Nish Kumar – Dara O’Briain – Katherine Ryan

What are your favourite podcasts – science related or not? Share your recommendations in the comments below. What are your favourite episodes from these 6 I have mentioned if you are also a fan?

I am also looking for a really good podcast on particle physics as I have become slightly obsessed so if you know one let me know!

Also, I have been thinking about launching a Soph talks science podcast for a while now – is that something that you want to see? Let me know what you want that to look like too!

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8 thoughts on “5 amazing science podcasts to listen to right now

      1. Not right now no, 😊 My favourites infinite monkey cage, I also like the nature podcast and stuff you should know. All well known to you I’m sure. I need to branch out a bit πŸ˜†


        1. Yeah they are good. I am surrounded by more ‘academic’ science all day for work so try to listen to some more ‘fun’ type science podcasts as you can see. Make sure to check out my previous podcast blog too for more suggestions too πŸ™‚

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    1. This makes me so happy. I’m glad you found me then πŸ™‚ Which of these are you most looking forward to listening to? And did you check out my other science podcast blog?


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