Life Lately || 5 Good Things about April

Hey y’all. It’s been a while…. again!

And I can’t even say that I haven’t had time because well… April was the first full month in lockdown, and well I think we all have a fair amount of time on our hands. But it is also super important that we continue to celebrate the good things no matter how big or small. And with that I am going to share the next installment of my ‘5 Good Things’ series. I challenge you all to do the same too – share your big or little wins in the comments below.


Getting to spend all day every day with these munchkins!

So, if you read my last update you will know that we got kittens in March. While they have only been with us for a matter of weeks, it has been amazing to watch them grow and do all the stupid things that they do – even if they do have to literally stand right under my feet all the time. It’s literally their favourite place. It has made this whole lockdown experience a whole lot more enjoyable.


Zoom quizzes galore!

Not only am I learning a lot from these quizzes but it also means I am seeing more of my friends and family back home than I would be doing if we weren’t in lockdown. There are some small positives out of lockdown. And while it makes me miss home, at least I get to see all their faces and know they are all doing ok.


A proper desk set up!

I finally got myself a second monitor, a laptop stand and cleared my desk of the boxes so that I can actually do some work there, and it has been great. It helps me focus, it helps my posture and its nice to have that space that is just mine – even if there is still things to be sorted around it.


Baking & cooking new recipes!

More time at home and less time commuting means that I’ve slowly but surely been trying out a few new recipes and rediscovering that love for food and cooking that I have. And it is always good to be able to sample the results. Just to start doing even more of it now.


I invested in myself for the first time and got myself a coach!

My dream one day would be to take Soph talks science full time, and another blessing in disguise about lockdown is that I have more time at home, and more of that space in my mind to start making those first steps. I invested in a group coaching program and my coach and the group of ladies that I have met through it are amazing. After every call, I learnt so much more and get so many ideas about what directions I can take in the future and what actions I can take right now. It is a huge boost in positivity for me and my future during such a tough time. But more on this in the near future….


So, those were my five good things for April. I have read such posts from other bloggers and I think it’s a great way to know a little bit more about them as well as spread the feeling of positivity and gratitude.

What do you think? Do you like the idea of this series? What was your good thing, or five good things for April? Am I asking too many questions?  Please let me know by leaving comments.



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