Competition Winner: My Favourite Science Topic

It’s British Science Week all this week, and I am celebrating here on Soph talks science by sharing with you the winners of my first ever science writing competition. I had so, so many amazing entries in all the categories, and I really struggled to pick just one winner in each category, but I got there in the end after many hours of deliberation.

Today I wanted to share with you the winning entry in Category 1 for authors aged 10-12. Congratulations to Jayden who is 10 years old and from the UK. They have written about their favourite science topic. Find out what it is and show Jayden your support by giving this post a like!


My favourite science topic

By Jayden (Age 10)

I am passionate about computer science because I love coding and making things. Computer and science merge together because of the circuits and electricity in science and the computer links in because of the coding and the software. We need chemicals such as copper to make the wires and circuit boards and silicon chips to process the information. We need to understand physics to make place push button keys and also touch screens which transmit electricity and energies such as light. Biology serves an important role for the future to make even better virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI).

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Computer science is all around us and we interact with it even without knowing. For example, we have personal assistants such as Alexa, Cortana, Siri and Google. These machines help us with our daily lives from online shopping to helping me with homework. I am grateful to the creators of these wonderous scientific discoveries that will change the world. Computer science has evolved over the world from the old telephones created by Alexander Graham Bell to the Samsung Galaxy Z flip which is portable, foldable and can take photos, do videos as well as making a telephone call.

I get excited about computer science when we learn about it in school or when participating in coding camps. This is my favourite topic because the possibilities are endless. In the future computer science could bring us VR in space and in classrooms. Perhaps the teachers of the future will be half human-half robot. We might transport ourselves through teleportation. Computer science is now able to combine with medical science which brings even more possibilities to the technology world. In Bangkok there is a hospital which uses robotic nurses to help look after patients. Computer software and devices help diagnose and treat diseases. New medicine will be generated thanks to the use of AI computer science in medicine. Our holidays and leisure will be enhanced with computer science. For example, in Tokyo, there is a hotel all run by robots, the Henn na Hotel.

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The world is changing all the time, every hour, every minute, every second and technology advances at a very brisk pace. We are struggling to keep up and it is time for a technology revolution. I think that instead of having to learn reading, writing and arithmetic on paper we should learn this on computers and we should learn how computers work from when we first start school. For example, when we teach vocabulary we should teach” a mouse” is a furry mammal but also a device for navigating the computer. Search engines like Ecosia bring in both ethical geographic science with computer science because it plants trees in areas of deforestation after you undertake a computer search.

The future is in our hands and we need to do everything to make the world a better place. Computer science will be what improves our future world. In the future I want to be an Innovation and technology genius for Apple and Microsoft and be the world changing leader of technology.


Congratulations again to Jayden who is our first Soph talks science competition winner!

You can now read the entries from other winners here:


What is your favourite science topic? Do you like computer science like Jayden? Share in the comments below.



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