I reached another blog milestone

I seriously cannot believe that my little corner of the internet has hit another big milestone. Never did I think that Soph talks science would ever reach this stage, and while it may just be a drop in the ocean for my little science and education blog compared to other bloggers who get this probably every single month – it is a big deal for me!

So you’re probably thinking what the hell is it, right? Well, drum roll please…

I’ve reached 100,000 views on Soph talks science!

This blog is 3 and a half years old now and has been with me through half of my PhD journey and now into my scicomm career – a career I wouldn’t have if I hadn’t have started the blog back in 2016. So I guess I do have to thank my PhD university for making us do the 3 Minute Thesis at our PhD away day. Without that feedback, I probably would never have started again and gotten to this stage.

In the name of celebrating this little blog milestone, I thought I would reflect on a few things that I love about blogging and what has made me stick with it this time around:

The people

I have met so many wonderful and incredibly inspiring people along the way both through my blog, events and on social media. I have learnt so much from all of them and I am so so grateful for them all, and I feel lucky enough to even call some of them my friends now.

Family and friends

I don’t live in Wales anymore. I haven’t for a while. And I don’t head how as much as I would like to, so it has been great that family and friends back home have been able to learn about what I have gotten up to and learnt something along the way too – hopefully.

The feedback

It really and truly means so much to me getting comments and DMs from all of you letting me know that you are really enjoying my content, and weirdly you like seeing me for me. I have had many messages from parents that their kids follow along and want to meet me, I have had messages from PhD students letting me know that my ramblings have really helped them to know they are not alone in their thoughts, feelings and struggles, and it has been great to know that my style from this blog has helped me get a few paid gigs including my current job. I also got some feedback recently from someone who used my blog has some ‘guidance’ through their PhD, along with a few others. But they have now unfollowed all the others, and still follow me because they enjoyed what I shared so much and the others just made it look like they were having a jolly all the time and not actually doing any work. That really means so much as I was always worried that I lost my PhD audience when I finished, and it is so good to know that me ‘keeping it real’ is what you want to see.

A platform for other voices

I love giving others the chance to use my platform to practice their writing skills and get their voices and opinions heard. I also love doing my Scientist in the Spotlight posts and learning about so many different research areas, so many different routes into STEM and again hopefully giving a platform to many unheard voices too.

The money

I want to be transparent and authentic with you all on my blog and social media. That includes letting you know that I do get paid for odd posts and I do get gifts in exchange for blog posts. And if I don’t make that clear enough, please do let me know. It isn’t much after all I don’t blog for the money, but it is a nice little bonus for doing something I love at the end of the day.

The creativity

I have always been a creative person and for so long I had no outlet for that. But my blog and Instagram has allowed me to express that creativity and learning new skills in my job is hopefully going to push that even further. But I love blogging, writing, taking photographs, making videos, even drawing though I am no good at it. And having this regular slot to fill on my blog really helped my balance during the PhD, and allows me to share my thoughts somewhere.


So, yeah – while this may not be the biggest achievement compared to other bloggers, I am all about celebrating the little wins and comparing your own progress to yourself only, so I am going to celebrate 100,000 blog views! Yay!

Seriously thank you to every single one of you who has helped me reach that goal. I literally could not have done it without you and I am truly truly grateful. Here’s to the next 100k!



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