I’m going to be a TEDx speaker!

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I'M GIVING A TEDx TALK πŸ”΄ . A FREAKIN' TEDx TALK! 🀯 I seriously cant quite believe I've just written that πŸ™ˆ . I've always dreamed πŸ’­ of standing on that red dot πŸ”΄ on a stage sharing something that might change someone's thinking, teach someone something new, or maybe even change someone's life. But NEVER did I imagine that I would actually get a chance to do it. But here I am. Excited out of my mind, but crapping my pants with anxiety 🀯 . TED is a platform for "ideas worth sharing". The issue I have now is refining all of my crazy thoughts πŸ’­ and passion 😍 for learning into one simple idea to share with the audience. There are so many things that I long to share on that platform but I think it is best to stick to what I know for now… that is stem cells! πŸ”¬ . I just hope I havent forgotten it all from my PhD πŸ™ˆ . It's going to be a little odd giving a science talk πŸ”¬ as I havent done that for over a year now. But I am so so excited, even if my heart is pumping a million beats a minute in fear as well. But I have to say thanks πŸ₯° to you guys. Because it was at least one of you who follows me that sent my name in and I am beyond grateful that you think I am capable. But without every single one of you I wouldnt have the platform to be noticed for this chance, and for that I will always be so so thankful πŸ₯°πŸ₯° Thank you for making my dreams come true πŸ₯° . So I will be giving my talk at TEDx Winchester on 25 March. All I need now is a power outfit. So if someone has some tips for how a curvy gal should dress that says "I know what I'm talking about, I promise, even though my knees are trembling" πŸ™ˆ drop them πŸ‘‡πŸΌ in the comments below because I need all the help I can get. . Hopefully that was an announcement worth waiting for. Time to get scripting and definitely time to get practicing. . . πŸ”΄

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For a long time I have dreamt of this opportunity and now thanks to one of you for nominating me, I have that chance to tick of this huge life dream.

I am currently working on the first draft of my talk, and while it is not going to be the most ground-breaking talk in the world, I am going to pack it full of what fascinated me about stem cells, plus a few other things that I love thrown in there. All of that to be revealed.

But I am going to be a TEDx speaker. Thanks to everyone who has sent good wishes and especially thanks to those who have also done a TED talk for sharing their advice. I will be putting that into practice very soon and hoping that I do a passable job standing on that big red dot in March. I will of course take you guys along for the journey too – from the preparations, to the day itself and lessons learnt afterwards all accompanied by the recording of my talk to share too.

So, a bit of news to share with you today, and a short post for a change – ha!


Have you done a TED talk before? What is your advice? Or maybe you enjoy watching TED talks? Share your favourites in the comments below so I can learn a lesson or two from them too!



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