The Best of Soph talks science 2019

This is the last blog post of 2019!

I seriously have no idea where this year has gone. It has been a magical one with so many memories and so many career and life goals, and one I won’t forget in a hurry. Oh course it hasn’t all been plain sailing but this is the time of year for celebrating.

But I’m marking the end of 2019, and the end of the 2010s, by taking a look back through your favourite 2019 posts on Soph talks science, so you reminisce with me, but will also give me some food for thought as I move forward into 2020 and get back into the swing of regular blogging and thinking about what content you guys want to see more, or less, of.

So, here are the Top 10 most read posts on Soph talks science in 2019! Let the countdown begin!


#10 – How to Communicate Science Without Dumbing It Down

I have tried to start reflecting on my scicomm experience whilst doing my PhD and also share some of the lessons that I have learnt since starting my scicomm career, and this was a good place to get started.


#9 – The Untold History of LGBTQ+ Scientists

I am so thrilled to see one of my guest posts in the top 10. This one was written by the wonderful Ive, and shares insights into some famous scientists who you probably didn’t know were LGBT.


#8 – My First Month as a Scicomm Officer

You all must know by now that I passed my viva last year and have now been working in scicomm for almost a year already. And I have tried to share that experience with you all from time to time – maybe I need to do more of that if you guys are interested?


#7 – 15 STEM Books to add to your Family’s 2019 Reading List

I have fallen in love with popular science books over the last year or so, but still haven’t got around to ready them all and I just keep buying more. So, lists like these help me share the ones I love with you all and hopefully you can give me motivation to read more and more recommendations to fill my bookcase up.


#6 – 15 more tips for writing you PhD thesis

As a recent PhD graduate, I have had a lot of lessons and thoughts to share on the PhD journey this year, and I actually still have a lot more to add next year and beyond. And there have been so many thesis writing tips that I have shared starting here and with a collaboration with Reagent Genie.


#5 – 6 science podcasts that you should be listening to

I love listening to all sorts of podcasts but especially STEM themed ones and this year I shared my six favourites, but there will be plenty more recommendations coming in the new year if you are hungry for more.


#4 – How to be a good lab mate

So, this was a post that I updated and republished earlier this year, so it is great to see that the old stuff that I have written is still useful to you guys once updated. Are there any other posts of mine that you would want an update on? But food for thought for me for next year – thanks guys!


#3 – Why I had to resubmit my thesis?

We are into the top three! Looks like more clarity on the steps post-viva are something that you guys like to see – am I right? This post hoped to clear up any questions around this and more importantly for people not to feel bad about themselves for getting corrections because it happens to nearly all PhD students.


#2 – My PhD Viva Experience

And the runner up for 2019 is this post which does as it says on the tin – shares more about how I found my PhD viva.


#1 – 7 Viva Questions you should prepare in advance

And taking the top spot for 2019 is this post! It has actually been my most successful post EVER and is more than 5x popular than the post in second place. So, it looks like if I can share more resources and preparation tips and tools with you all next year, then that would be something useful?


And that is a wrap on this post! And on 2019 blog posts! And on 2010s blog posts! 😦

It all sounds like everything is ending, but I can assure you it is not despite what I wrote for this blog post’s titlesorry for the clickbait title! But in all seriousness, 2019 has been another year of growth for Soph talks science which I am so so grateful for and I have to thank every single one of you who has read, commented on, liked, shared, and supported me and Soph talks science this year. I am truly, truly thankful and I hope that you want to stay with me on this journey in 2020 and beyond. I absolutely love blogging and sharing my experiences and knowledge with you all in the hope that it helps someone somewhere. Thank you for engaging with it and making it even more enjoyable.

Here’s to you and Soph talks science in 2020 and loads more science inspiration!

Thank you!


Did your favourite blog post of 2019 make the top 10 list? If not, which post was your favourite? You can also look back to the 2018 top ten list here. And if you are looking for some further reading as we wait for the New Year to ring in – this is your favourite post this year that wasn’t published in 2019 – find out what it is here!


All that I have left to say is thank you once again and I will see you all in 2020!


What blog posts do you want to see more or less of in 2020? Or maybe you want to see something completely new? Share all your thoughts and ideas in the form below and I can see how I can help you all in the new year.



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