Christmas gift guide for science lovers 2019

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Somehow it is already the final month of 2019, and the final month of the 2010s. 10 years ago I was finishing up school, ready to embark on nearly another decade of education and now the 2020s will mark me developing in my scicomm career and married life. I sound so grown up all of a sudden – ha! But as you grow up, that doesn’t mean you need to miss out on all the festive fun. And there is no better place to start those Christmas vibes than with my third annual gift guide for science lovers. But before we start make sure to check out my other gift guides from 2017 here, and from last year here for some inspiration to get you started. Oh – and this year I also wrote a gift guide for all the space lovers in your life which you can check out here.

Right – so now you’ve got all the inspiration you might need to start off, it’s time to get stuck into this year’s gift guide. Here is a selection of over 50 STEM gifts as inspiration for all ages, genders, budgets, backgrounds and more that would make a perfect addition to your loved ones stocking this year.


  1. Cytosis Board Game

A board game that takes place inside a human cell. PLayers try to keep the cell healthy and the one with the most health points at the end of the game. I love this so you can learn all about cell biology, but Genius Games also have a range of other games covering biology, chemistry and physics. Take a look here.


2. Marie Curie Canvas Print

This print with quote from Marie Curie from Genius Lab Gear is a beautiful piece to add to any home, but especially those with budding female scientists in. Check out the rest of their shop too full of other awesome print, stickers & gift boxes for academic and science writing and more.


3. PhD Emotional Support Dog Bandana

Okay – one more thing that I loved on the Genius Lab Gear shop – this dog bandana. I’m sure there are many PhD students around the world that have the support of their pets, so let them show their pride and support of you with this bandana.


4. Petite Ecoliere clothing

Okay so if you follow me then you know I already rep a load of these shirts and I have added them to previous gift guides but I wanted to add them again this year to give a shout out to the new Julia Ravey collection – who you might also know as Me, My Cells and I on Instagram, but also for their Dino-Mite additions too as I often get feedback from people wanting more adult dinosaur themed clothing.


5. Dinosaur pendant necklace

A lovely little Etsy shop called Designosaur created a range of dinosaur themed gifts from socks, to wrapping paper, to baubles, stickers and jewellery – including this beautiful pendant here. As a warning there may be a bit of a dinosaur theme to this year’s gift guide….. But head to this to support small businesses and get your dinosaur fix.


6. Electrophoresis Watercolour print

Electrophoresis is a lab technique that uses an electric current to separate different molecules like DNA or proteins by size – I did it faaar too often in my PhD. But they create these beautiful banding patterns that have been replicated in these canvas prints. This particular Etsy shop also has genome inspired prints and vector inspired ones.


7. Bug Safari Kit

This kit provides budding entomologists aka insect biologists the equipment they need to catch, study and identify little creepy crawlies and creatures in their gardens, parks or in the countryside Perfect for a safari in the back garden.


8. Slice of Pi Tea Towel

Who doesn’t want to add a dose of maths – and pizza! – to the chemistry that goes on in the kitchen? This tea towel is the perfect addition. Get yours here – there is also brain anatomy gifts here too.


9. Science Scribbles shop

Another Etsy shop so you can support small businesses for you. This one is from a previous Scientist in the Spotlight Lauren C called Science Scribbles. Lauren sells a range of amazing science stickers, pin badges and bookmarks. Head to the shop now and grab your favourite.


10. Rosie Revere, Engineer book

Another fantastic book for young girls – and boys – to show that girls can be engineers too. I love this one in particular, and also love that it looks like its on graph paper. Buy this one for that special little one in your life.


11. Tatty Devine Science Experiment Earrings

If you love a statement piece of jewellery, then Tatty Devine might be what you are looking for. They have this earring set, but depending on what research field you’re in you could find something to represent you from lighting, to waves, to bats, to bats and all in between.


12. 5318008 Calculator Pin Badge

A charity pin from V Coterie for breast cancer awareness. 30% of proceeds from these purchases go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Or it is another great pin to show off your love for all things mathematical. Grab your here. Oh and remember to check your boobs – here is everything you need to know about breast cancer awareness! V Coterie also have a heap of other STEM linked pin badges for you to browse too.


13. The Science of Cooking book

Help that special someone in your life realise that science is intrinsic to every day life with this book about the science of cooking. It’s something that is on my list and hoping that Santa adds this into my stocking. This book is a step by step guide to techniques and to bring the food science out of the lab and into your kitchen. Check it out here.


14. Kiwi Co Kits

Something that I have heard a lot about this year after listening to one of my fave podcasts Ologies. Kiwi Co provide projects for kids aged from 0-104 to get a feel for all things engineering. You can build pinball, a hydraulic claw, race cars, sewable circuits and so much more you will struggle to choose. Take a look on their website and find the perfect crate to gift.


15. Plastic Oceanic jewellery

We all know by now that plastic is destroying our oceans. But now you can help create a positive impact by buying some beautiful jewellery handmade in Cornwall, UK from actual plastic picked up from the ocean. Do your bit and get something lovely to wear here. You can also get cufflinks, keyrings and earrings.


16. Science Art Prints

Flip the Script Studios have a whole host of art prints inspired by science, space, dinosaurs and more that are perfect for a little ones bedroom to inspire them for the future. There are also beautiful floral patterns and personalisable elements. Head to their shop now.


17. Through Others’ Eyes Kit

This kit gives you the opportunity to see the world as you have never seen it before and gives you an insight into how your pet, a T Rex or even a shark sees the world with these unique glasses and interchangeable lenses. Get yours here.


18. Kidz Labz Solar System Planetarium

Trying to imagine the vastness of space is mind-boggling so maybe this planetarium will help you and any budding astronomers in your life to get a bit more of a grasp on the incredible thing that is our solar system with this planetarium.


19. National Geographic Barbie Dolls

Barbies are a staple for many young girls and boys growing up and are a source of aspiration, so these Barbie dolls that have incredible STEM careers are perfect to prove to little ones that they can be anything they want to be. Barbie is now a Marine Biologist, and Astrophysicist and even an Entomologist. Find the one for you to gift and inspire the next generation here.


20. Creepy Crawly torch and projector

Introduce your loved ones to a range of creepy by projecting them onto your walls and getting up close and personal with large images of them with this gift. And if creepy crawlies arent your thing – you can get space, sea creature and ‘mostly deadly’ versions of the torch and projector too.


21. Maddie Moate’s Tee Mill

Everyone’s favourite CBeebies presenter Maddie Moate has released a load of Junior Scientist tshirts. Any budding engineers, paleontologists, zoologist or marine biologists can now share their passions with these tees. But don’t worry – there is a Big Kids range too if you’re feeling left out.


22. Tacosaurus Rex Taco Holder

The perfect gift for anyone who loves tacos and has a passion for paleontology. This novelty addition to your kitchen is too good to not throw in your basket now.


23. Dino Friends Waffle Maker

Sticking along the same theme of dinosaurs and food – what way can waffles be made better? By making them in the shape of dinosaurs with this waffle maker! I don’t think I need to say anymore. Grab yours here.


24. DNA Double Helix Leggings

Why not show your love for DNA at the gym or relaxing at home with these leggings. You can also get single-stranded DNA leggings to match.


25. Curvy like Spacetime Swimsuit

Who doesn’t love space themed attire that you can wear on holiday and at the beach or pool. Another perfect opportunity to do some scicomm any place, any time with this swimsuit.


26. Technician Scientist Boxy Tee

Scientists don’t come as one size fits all and we need to give recognition to all of them. That includes technicians and science support staff that often go under the radar. This tee is one of many that is on offer on The STEM Squad store so take a look and find one that suits you and represent!


27. Levitating Bulb Desk Lamp

Who doesn’t want a lamp that looks like magic but is actually science? Grab this for your home or office and start a conversation about levitation. Grab yours here.


28. NASA Bomber Jacket

This one may be a little pricey, but is a beautiful jacket and well worth the investment if you are a bit of a space exploration buff. Head to the store for yours now.


29. Space shuttle music box

A perfect gift for new parents or parents to be with a passion for space to pass that on to their new little bundle or bundles of joy. Space shuttles, rockets and a little astronaut orbit a ringed planet while the tune “Dreaming of Home and Mother” plays in this sweet handcrafted wooden music box.


30. Astronaut Print Shirt

A perfect button up shirt for those who are inspired by space or aspire to be an astronaut themselves. Give the gift of a little something different with this shirt.


31. One Giant Leap Tee

Venusian is a store with style inspired by space made for women. It includes this tee as well as others inspired by Hubble telescope images or rockets and more. But this one I spotted on the Instagram of previous Scientist in the Spotlight Emily C with a matching outfit for her beautiful daughter. Explore the store here.


32. Neuron Beaded Cushion

This is where microscopy meets home decor. I don’t think you can get much more beautiful than an image of a neuron so why not add this beautiful beaded cushion to your home. Also available as a print at this Redbubble store.


33. SKYlite Galaxy Projector

There is no excuse to not want to sleep under the stars with this night light that turns your room into a whole galaxy. Grab yours here.


34. Origami Organelles

A cheap and easy way to teach about cells and organelles, but also about physics, plants, anatomy, muscles, genetics, earth science, chemistry, disease and so much more. Head to Origami Organelles to see what set you want to use at home or if youre a teacher in your classroom to let your students get hands on with science.


35. Dinosaur handbag

These crossbody bags are one way to show you passion for dinosaurs and come in a range of colours. Grab yours now! They also have other varieties and a sparkly version too!


36. Dinosaur Wall Clock

It doesn’t have to stop with toys and fashion to show a paleontology passion, it can come from your home decor too. Why not start with this beautiful frameless wall clock or add it to your collection.


37. Earth Cross Section Nesting Bowls

Another perfect STEM addition to your dinner party and share a little geology as you tuck into your food. Get yours here.


38. NASA Shuttle Stackable Bowls

And if geology isn’t your thing, then you can add a little space theme to your kitchen with these stackable bowls.


39. Maths in Minutes book

If like me mathematical concepts quickly go over your head, then maybe this book will be the first step to help you grasp them. It is a visual introduction to over 200 concepts with no more than 200 words to explain them.


40. Circuit Board Coasters

If you are looking to add a little touch of tech to your home on a budget, why not add these circuit board coasters?


41. Me, My Sells and I Shop

if you love STEM and you love puns, then this Etsy shop will have something for you. From stickers to postcards and more, bag yourself a great find and support a small business too.


42. The Planets book

If you are amazed by the wonders of the universe then this book is for you. It is the companion for the BBC series that aired earlier this year that I was lucky enough to see before anyone else. Learn about the similarities between Earth and Mars, and more about the ice and gas giants and the atmospheres of Venus and Mars. With stunning illustrations too.


43. Amy Rae Hill Pottery

Another Etsy shop that I just cannot omit from this year’s list. AmyRaeHill created celestial pottery that would be a stunning addition to any space lovers home. I just cant decide which ones to order. What will you order here? Make sure to check out her Instagram account too.


44. Coral Bookends

These are a great way to add a little science to your home if you love marine biology. Maybe these coral bookends can house all those books you have on coral and other marine life and be a scicomm shelf for your guests, family and friends.


45. Fossil Hunt Experience

STEM gifts don’t have to be physical. They can also be experiences – so why not take the family on a fossil hunt. These experiences are based in England, but there will be other opportunities all over the world.


46. Pi Bottle Opener

Looking for a Secret Santa gift for the mathematician in your life? Then maybe this bottle opener is the answer.


47. Plants!

Give the gift of green fingers and inspire someone into botany or just get them thinking about sustainability and looking after the environment. Or you never know we may have the net plant biologist on our hands. This selection of 10 mixed indoor plants is a bargain IMO.


48. Tobbie the Robot

Gifting a child a robot toy may be their first jump into engineering and may inspire them to embark on that career and advance us into a new revolution of technology. All from a simple robot toy – you never know!


49. Techno Sounds Kit

A perfect introduction to learning circuits and how conductivity works – using the dough to create creatures that light up when you complete a circuit! Get this kit to gift here.


50. Hello World

I love this book! I bought it at New Scientist Live last year and finally managed to get around to reading it this year, and I just wish I had done it sooner. By the wonderful Hannah Fry, it is a book all about being human in the age of machines and covers topics from health to crime and justice and how they are affecting our lives. It is a fantastic read, so buy it for someone this Christmas.


51. The Indisputable Existence of Santa Claus

I guess as it is a Christmas gift guide I should also add this book also by the wonderful Hannah Fry all about the mathematics of Christmas. Intrigued? Then get yours here.


52. Mini Museum

Authentic specimens from across space and time, artfully arranged to create handcrafted treasures and a museum on stand by at home. Find out which one is for you here.


53. Science On A Postcard

Another fave of mine that as appeared in my other gift guides, but it is just too good to leave out. The lovely Heidi from Science on a Postcard designs magical pins, notebooks, tote bags and more so we can all express our inner scientist. I wish I could buy them all, but my latest fab are these pronoun pins. Get them and shop the rest of the goodies here.


And that is a wrap for this year!

I have a long list of products that I could add to my gift guide that I add to throughout the year too. But I swear that every time I release another gift guide, by list of possibilities is always longer after I have published by next edition. There’s over 200 more products left on my master list – at least it will keep me going with gift guide content for a few years. Or maybe it is time for even more themed gift guides throughout the year, and a huge bumper gift guide in 2020. What do you think?

But I hope that this has given you the inspiration that you need. Remember there are hundreds of other ideas from the three other gift guides I have released here but also thousands more:


Are there any other STEM themed products you want to add – let me know in comments, or recommendations that you have received in previous years or bought for a niece, nephew, cousin and so on. Help me add to this year’s list! What are your favourite STEM themed gifts or toys that I may have missed or promote some of your own if you have some?



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