My 2019 Goals

Happy New Year!


Okay, I know I am very late to the party but I have a few very good reasons why it is nearly the end of January and this is the first post I am writing. The short version is that I have been finding somewhere new to live, started a new job, am trying to adapt to a new routine and need to finish some PhD bits imminently. But more on that in upcoming posts. As for today, it is time to start the year as I mean to go on and hopefully continue that momentum that I finished 2018 with and set some goals for 2019!

You can fast forward to the end of the year now to see how well I did or didn’t do at achieving these goals!



2018 was a pretty good year for me and I want to use that finish to kickstart my 2019, especially as there are lots of big changes in store for me already this year. Another reason I have taken a while to share this post with you is that I couldn’t decide on what I wanted my goals to achieve this year. There is so much I want to achieve. So, I also want to say that although January might be nearing an end already – I can’t believe I have just written that! – it is never too late to set yourself some goals. If you need a bit of help with setting goals you can achieve, then take a look at my post from last year with some top tips.


So, what are my goals for 2019?

Last year, I set myself 9 goals – 3 career goals, 3 scicomm goals and 3 personal goals. But as scicomm is now my career – yay! – those boundaries are a little blurred. So instead I have still set myself 9 goals but not as easily categorised. And all written out on my goals board – thanks Lisa from In a Science World for the goals board inspiration – for that constant visual reminder to keep up my motivation.


♥ Come up with a new scicomm project for my job

As you all may know by now I am the new Science Communications officer at the London Institute of Medical Sciences and I cannot tell you how excited I am to get involved with all their current and upcoming projects. However, I want to make a mark in my position so I want to come up with an initiative that can fit into the program whilst also contributing new ideas of current projects too. Hopefully a few more weeks and getting to learn the ropes will help me refine my ideas.


♥ Improve my media & design skills

A career in science communication is incredibly varied and diverse. It is one of the things that I am going to adore about it. But that includes designing many different products and creating videos and I am sure it doesn’t stop there. Currently my skills in this department are basic to say the least, so I am hoping to improve that. And in the name of making this goal a S.M.A.R.T one, let’s aim to create 3 videos and be competent in Photoshop and InDesign.


♥ Secure 10 freelance opportunities and collaborations

While scicomm is my career, I do not want to leave this blog and my own freelance work behind because I love doing the communicating myself too. So, I want to develop my portfolio on that front and make some connections for collaborations and any paid opportunities would be a bonus. Whether that is writing, making videos, podcasts or speaking events, I want to continuing building my Soph talks science brand.


♥ Redesign and refresh my blog site

My blog site needs a complete revamp. I need it to contain more personal things about my career, highlight any freelance work I offer and have done, as well as my blog, and currently I don’t know what is the best way to do that. Plus it is going to take me a while. I need to give Soph talks science a face lift and make it more of what I want rather than just a template. So we will see how that progresses. But that also goes for my content too. By the end of the year it will evolve from primarily PhD to, well, something else which I’m not sure yet. But my overall aim is the same – to show an honest account of life as a scientist whilst also promoting ways for everyone and anyone to find their inner scientist.


♥ Organise a UK scicommer meet up

After meeting a handful of scicommers based in the UK in 2018, mainly the weekend I was in London at New Scientist Live, I realised I needed to build on that and create a network for scicommers here in the UK to connect with each other to encourage collaboration. But also to showcase the amazing work they do. So, by the end of the year I want to have arranged a meet up to help enable that so watch this space.


♥ Learn sign language

In the name of making my scicomm more accessible and inclusive, as well as my love for learning languages I want to learn British Sign Language and share that with you all as well. Especially some STEM phrases as well and the resources I have found to help me do just that. So, by the end of the year I want to be able to hold a basic conversation in sign language and have helped others learn some phrases too.


♥ Buy a reading armchair and start reading more!

So the reading armchair isn’t a necessity – although it is something I would love. But I want to start reading more books which would make a lovely change from scientific publications all the time. And as my new routine involves a substantial amount of commuting, it should be something I can achieve where I don’t need to look at a screen either. I am a very slow reader, so let’s aim to read one book a month which will probably be mainly non-fiction so I can learn more things to share with you all, but maybe some fiction thrown in there too.


♥ Lose 3 stone

So, if you saw last year’s goals board, then this one might be familiar to you. I still want to shift some weight. Now while many people say I don’t have to, it is something I want to do for myself and especially as I have a wedding this year. But I think it will be a challenge with the new routine again, but I will try my best. To be honest, the number on the scales won’t matter to me as long as I’m happy. But for the purpose of a goal I have stuck a realistic goal on there to motivate me and to help me become happier.


♥ Explore 5 new places

Another common goal for me. I always want to explore so it might pop up every year to be honest. But as I didn’t achieve it last year, I am even more determined to this year and I am hoping to squeeze a holiday in this year too.


And there we are. 2019 goals set. Now just to make an action plan on how to achieve them. 2019 is a year of new adventures for me so I am hoping to settle into these new challenges soon and achieve all my goals too. Let’s get ticking these goals off!


Now it’s over to you! What are your goals for 2019? What do you want to achieve? Have you thought about how you are going to achieve it?

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