Hello world. I’m Dr Soph!

So yesterday something pretty awesome happened.

After four years of working my ass off and four years worth of blood, sweat, tears, triumphs and sacrifices, I successfully passed my PhD! I am now Sophie Arthur PhD or Dr Soph for short – well after a few minor corrections and a bit of paperwork anyway.

Thank you to my lovely lab mates who made me this awesome card with my logo on! And it’s so glittery – I love it! Thank you.

I spent just short of 3 hours ‘talking science’ or specifically discussing the research I had dedicated the past four years of my life to with my two examiners and I actually think I might have enjoyed the whole experience. It was great to get the perspectives of two other researchers who had fresh eyes looking over it and what they thought of my writing and so on. Luckily I do have very few minor corrections like typos and a few other bits before I can resubmit my thesis … more on this in a later post!

But now to be honest with you I’m feeling relieved but pretty exhausted, so I am going to take Christmas to completely recharge and prepare myself for the next steps and the next challenge. Looks like the end of 2018 is shaping up pretty well for me after first getting my paper accepted last week and now passing my viva this week! OMG I’ve just realised that I didn’t update you guys here that I am now a published scientist… well nearly again but more on that soon!

So, I will keep this post as a short one and a quick life update and I’ll get back to celebrating the only way I know how… back into the lab to finish some experiments πŸ˜› and of course cake and bubbly! But finally I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who wished me luck for my viva and has wished my congratulations afterwards – including Adam Rutherford who replied to my tweet which I have been kinda fangirling over for the past day – but also everyone who has offered my support and advice over the last four years – you will have to read my thesis acknowledgements for all the soppy stuff πŸ˜› but I really wouldn’t have been able to do it without every single one of you, so thank you!

Still kinda fan-girling that Adam Rutherford replied to my tweet! But I am so grateful to every single one of you who have given me advice, congratulations and good luck wishes over the past four years.


I’ll share more about my viva preparations and experience with you in posts next year and of course thesis tips and advice too, so if there is anything you would like me to share in those specifically then do let me know in the comments below.

But for now, thank you all again! And science love from Dr Soph πŸ™‚



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Science love.


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