Christmas gift guide for science lovers 2018

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

How is it December already? There might only be one month left of 2018 but it is still a busy one for me with my birthday, my PhD viva, hopefully a new job and of course Christmas. How I am going to fit in any Christmas shopping I have no idea! I never normally feel very festive before my birthday but this year I am already feeling that Christmas spirit – those feelings of hope, reflection, giving thanks and happiness that I hope to share with every single one of you through my blog and social media throughout my December content full of giveaways, competitions and festive fun. And there is no better place to start than reviving my annual gift guide for science lovers. 2017 was the first year I shared some gift inspiration with you all and I have been fortunate enough to have been introduced to so many amazing products this year that I want to share with you all, and a load more that I think are just amazing gifts for science education and inspiration. There are also even more gift ideas in the 2019 gift guide here and also a space themed gift guide too!

So, let’s get stuck in to this year’s bumper gift guide – which is nearly 4x BIGGER than last year’s! Here is a selection of STEM gift inspiration for all ages, genders, budgets and backgrounds that would make that perfect gift this Christmas.


1. Curiscope Virtuali-Tee

As an advocate for science education, I absolutely LOVE this product that I came across at New Scientist Live this year. This augmented reality t-shirt allows you to explore inside the human body and is perfect for teaching at home or in school!



2. Petite Ecoliere tshirts

If you follow me on social media, you would have seen me repping one of these amazing shirts… and I’m awaiting the delivery of my second. I love this company’s mission and that they represent science education and female empowerment. They have a whole range of tshirts, long sleeve tops, crop tops and more for youngsters and adults too



3. Binary Bots

You might notice a bit of a trend in this year’s gift guide after I was inspired by all things coding, technology and engineering at New Scientist Live – and this was another one of my absolute fave products that I came across. Learn to code quickly and easily with their robot DIMM and comes with a BBC micro@bit mini computer used in schools. I’ve even got one myself ready to learn the language of computers. Stay tuned for more from DIMM on my blog very soon.xmas3


4. EE jewellery

Maybe jewellery is more your thing? Then check out the incredible range of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more from EE jewellery that allow you to express your love for all things STEM like this incredible solar system necklace. They also feature astronauts, bees, dinosaurs, lightning, flowers, sloths and so much more.

xmas 4.png


5. Math equation watch

By simply swapping the numbers on your watch for an equation equalling that number you create a beautiful nerd-tastic gift for the maths geek in your life. Several other variations are available with different straps, equations and prices, so if this is for you then pick one that suits your style and budget.



6. Space Christmas jumper

Who wants a traditional Christmas jumper full of reindeer, snowflakes and dancing brussel sprouts – yes Ive seen one! – when you can have a space themed one. Don’t think I need to say any more as this one speaks for itself! Again other variations like dinosaur christmas jumpers are available too.



7. Dekko comics

Switch up your superhero comics for Dekko comics instead. These are educational comics that have turned the school curriculum into fun and engaging comic strips and cover all science topics as well as english, history and geography too. A perfect little stocking filler for 8-11 year olds.



8. Element of Surprise t-shirt

A simple, effective and funny t-shirt for the chemist or general science nerd in your life. Who doesn’t love a good old science joke and the periodic table?



9. Underwater camera

Our seas, oceans, rivers and lakes are all full of incredible inspiration for the marine biologists, oceanographers or ecologists of the future. An underwater camera to capture those moments might be the trigger that a child needs to take that first step on their scientific journey. Of course – this isn’t just for youngsters but adults too who have a passion for the sea. A heap of other cameras are available to suit purpose and budget.



10. Snorkel

A perfect match for the last gift. Again other variations are available but I loved this snorkel mask that we used when we were in Barbados. Buy a couple and head to the beach with your family or friends and get inspired and ask questions about the incredible science that lies within our water.



11. STEMINIST enamel pin

My pin collection has grown so much this year that I probably need another lanyard. But I keep seeing awesome pins like this one that I just need. A STEMinist is simply a woman working in science, technology, engineering or maths and is working to increase the visibility of women in STEM. Something I advocate for and want to represent as I walk around with all my pins.



12. Evolution bookmarks

Whether you are a bit of a bookworm or just have key pages in your lab book or thesis to be able to locate quickly and easily, then why not use these cute and quirky evolution bookmarks to sprinkle a little more science into your life. Could be a good answer for office Secret Santa?xmas12


13. Anatomy aprons

This one is a bit of a double header. An educational apron for kids to learn about anatomy and a more sophisticated one for the adults in the kitchen. Which one do you prefer?


14. The Curiosity Box

The Curiosity Box is a subscription box full of fun science and engineering activities for 4 to 11 year olds. With a topic linked to the curriculum each month, your child can discover even more incredible science goodies and learn more about science role models too. You can get 15% off all subscriptions now in their Xmas offer! Don’t miss out! If you don’t want the subscription, their shop has an array of other science goodies like dynamic sand, magnifiers, atomic trumps and more which would be perfect stocking fillers for the little scientists in your lives. And even the grown ups too!



15. Snap circuits

An awesome way to teach electronics in a fun and engaging way. With easy snap together parts you can build and construct hundreds of projects like flying saucers, alarms and doorbells. There are a range of kits for beginners, juniors and more advanced ones, so find the one that is right for you and learn a new skill!



16. Pi cufflinks

We have had jewellery that allows you to express your love for all things STEM, so here are my suggestions for the men in your lives with these Pi cufflinks. You can also get a Pi tie clip or a whole range of space themed cufflinks too. So do some searching for the ones that suit your giftee and your budget best!



17. Eco Glitter Fun

If you have been reading my blog recently, you will probably recognise this product. Glitter is classed as a microplastic and is damaging to our environment – so this Christmas why not help all your glitter and sparkle loving friends switch to biodegradable glitter like these from Eco Glitter Fun. You can even get 10% off all orders over £10 before the end of the year with my code ECOGLITTERSOPH. Go help the environment this Christmas!



18. Robotics Engineer Barbie

Another amazing initiative that I was thrilled to be able to promote this year was the #YouCanBeAnything campaign featuring the robotics engineer barbie. With these dolls, young girls and boys can aspire to be a robotics engineer just like Barbie too. Get your here and let the scientists of tomorrow know that they can be a scientist, or an engineer, too!



19. Eco Yabber

We all try to recycle right but it is shocking how much recycling doesn’t actually get recycled! So this company that I came across at a recent Christmas Fair really inspired me with all their eco-friendly products, especially these t-shirts that are made from recycled plastic bottles! How awesome is that? Go check out their shop now!



20. Telescope

I cannot believe I missed this one off my list last year. But what better way to get young and curious minds inspired my space then getting them a telescope so they can explore beyond our world from the comfort of their own bedrooms. Again, find the one that best suits your budget and needs.



21. Botley the Coding Robot

Back to my theme of awesome coding products, let me introduce you to Botley. Program Botley to perform sequences of steps to avoid obstacles and manoeuvre around courses.



22. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

So, there are a few books included in my gift guide but I have purposely left them out as I will highlight more books in March for World Book Day. Check out this year’s inclusions here. But I thought I would include this book as I have used some of these cells, called HeLa’s – in my research this year so wanted to share the story of her ‘immortality’ with you via this book.


But for some other quick fire science book recommendations this Christmas, I would recommend Stephen Hawking’s Brief Answers to Big Questions, Hannah Fry’s Hello World, Rachel Ignotofsky’s Women in Science, Scott Kelly’s Endurance and Sarah-Jayne Blakemore’s Inventing Ourselves.


23. Dig your own fossils kit

Discovering fossils and dinosaur bones must be pretty darn cool! So why not inspire the palaeontologists of the future with this simple kit to get them started. Maybe even take them on a trip to the Jurassic coast in the UK to go fossil hunting too!



24. Amandatomical Art

This year I am also trying to promote a heap of small businesses that are mixing science with art and who offer some really unique gifts starting with Amandatomical Art. With a range of stickers, prints and greetings cards with a science twist, find what suits you best. I personally love the embyrogenesis and brain prints.



25. Brain shape ice cube mould

Sprinkle a bit of science into your parties with this ice cube mould in the shape of a brain. Get people thinking!



26. Brain cake silicone mould

And if brain shaped ice cubes at your party isn’t enough, then maybe you want a brain shaped cake too thanks to this cake mould!



27. NASA tshirt

A science clothing classic if you ask me! Almost the equivalent of the little black dress for science fashionistas. Of course, you can get a range of clothing options with the iconic NASA logo, but the European Space Agency also have a range too!



28. Astronaut USB LED light

Been looking for a unique lamp? Well maybe this astronaut version is perfect for you? It’s lightweight and environmentally friendly too!



29. Stellar Nova jet car kit

Another way to recycle one of the millions of plastic bottles purchased every second and learn about chemistry and propulsion all wrapped into one!



30. Binoculars

Another classic that I missed off last year’s list. Whether you might use them to go spotting birds, animals or even trains, a simple pair of binoculars could be that trigger to spark a curiosity and inspire the future zoologists or even engineers of the future. Another investment for a young mind’s future.



31. Galaxy hoodie

Another space themed addition for your wardrobe, but this time you can model the astonishing beauty of the galaxy!



32. Stitching _hew

Another small business mixing art and science that I spotted when nearly 30,000 of the world’s neuroscientists descended on San Diego for a conference. Creator Lauren creates beautiful and custom embroidery hoops about all things science. Perfect gifts for science lovers in your life.



33. Lab flasks salt and pepper shakers

Add a bit of scientific flair to your kitchen or dining table with these salt and pepper shakers.



34. Little Bits Inventor kits

Is there an aspiring inventor in your family? Then maybe one of these kits by Little Bits would be the perfect Christmas gift. Whether it’s the Avengers Hero kit, the base inventor kit or the electronic music kit – there will be something to inspire this engineer that fits in with their other interests too!



35. Pi dish

If you are having any kind of pie this Christmas, then it would not be perfect unless it was cooked in this Pi dish. Perfect for maths geeks or any science lover. Because who doesn’t love pie! Or Pi!



36. Phone mount for telescopes or microscopes

Whether you are a scicommer and wanting to share awesome pictures of your cells on your Insta, or you have you new telescope and you want to take a snap of the moon or Venus or anything else that you spot down the lens, then this mount could be a great addition to your telescope or microscope to help you do that.



37. P51 DNA glow lab

This product allows you to bring the study of the structure of DNA to your home or the classroom. When DNA is double stranded and bound to a dye it will glow bright. But when you alter that, the tubes will go dark. This kit allows you to explore the dynamic nature of DNA right in the palm of your hands! Explore more of what minipcr has to offer too!



38. 15 minute STEM book

If you are short on time but still want to share some activities that are STEM inspired then this book is what you need. Packed full of science, technology, engineering and maths activities for 5-11 year olds that can be done in 15 minutes flat!



39. Science vinyl clock

Back to the decor theme! If your home has a wall that could do with a feature clock then why not one themed on science and made out of an old vinyl record! There are a whole heap of options available including maths equations, chemistry, biology, engineering and more so go searching for your perfect one!



40. LEGO Space shuttle explorer

You can’t go wrong with LEGO! Especially when it is space themed. So, I am adding this one to the LEGO suggestions to build on last year’s but this time it is the space shuttle!



41. Plush art lab

More stunningly beautiful scientific embroidery for you featured on keyrings, bookmarks or embroidery rings as well as a heap of other products. Check out their Etsy store here! I love these bacteriophage bookmarks!



42. Nintendo Labo

A new way to play, build and discover with Nintendo. These kits allow you to build robots, fishing rods, pianos and much more and get you thinking about what else you can engineer. Unfortunately for these you do need a Nintendo Switch too, but they are great additions if you already have the console or are treating someone to it this Christmas.



43. Science pop socket

The perfect addition to your phone. And a way for you to express your love of science. These pop sockets come in an endless number of designs so find one that promotes you or your interests. Maybe I might make some Soph talks science ones in the New Year? Would anybody be interested in those?



44. Augmentify-it

Another augmented reality product that I loved at New Scientist Live. A themed pack of cards that using your smart device can bring planets, ocean animal or elements to life on your screen. The Space edition was my favourite.



45. Ologies merch

Why not use Christmas as a perfect excuse to treat yourself, or your family and friends, to the merch from your favourite podcast? Not only do you get some great additions but you are supporting awesome content creators too. I am loving the Ologies podcast right now so you can get their merch here. But there are many other awesome science podcasts out there looking for your support too.



46. Planetarium paperweight

I have yet to meet a graduate student who’s desk isn’t covered with paper. So why not help them keep it a little more organised with this planetarium paperweight, or any alternative that sums up their interests. It’s not just for science grad students either! This would work amazingly on any science lovers desk!



47. Science + Nature magazine subscription

Why not encourage the kids in your life to read a little more whilst learning about science and nature, and getting the excitement of something landing on your doormat every month? Then perhaps a subscription to Science+Nature would be a great gift for them. An award winning magazine designed to inspire curiosity and ignite a passion for discovery.



48. The Martian

Who doesn’t love a DVD for Christmas right? Well, while there are thousands of science fiction films that could spark a passion for a subject out there, I would recommend The Martian because it is one of the most scientifically accurate sci-fi films out there.



49. Hidden Figures

Sticking on the film line again, I would highly recommend watching Hidden Figures. A film all about three incredible women in STEM who were critical to the moon landing back in the 1960s.



50. Pandora space range charms

I love a charm bracelet. And I couldn’t think of anything more perfect to add to mine this year than Pandora’s space additions. From stars and moons, to astronauts and planets, it is a beautiful way to express your space love!



51. Cutechemistry_co

Are you really a scientist if you don’t have a plethora of mugs at your disposal? Well, I have found these beautiful ones from another small business to add or start your collection. But this small business does more than just mugs so pick up a tote bag, notebooks or drinks cups too! My favourite is this Queen of the Lab mug!



52. Embossed dinosaur rolling pin

Last year was science themed cookie cutters. This year why not make them even more science-y with a dinosaur print rolling pin!



53. Metal detector

Maybe not something you would traditionally think of as a gift for science lovers but I believe that this can encourage a passion for discovery and may spark a curiosity for subjects that are discovered or that someone might come across whilst using this.



54. Zero gravity experience

So this one is very pricey, but if there is an opportunity for you to experience weightlessness without going to space then this is it! It might also be a great test for any aspiring astronauts to see if they could pass the first level!



55. Bee and insect hotel

Made out of completely natural materials you can help the bees and insects survive the winter and beyond. Something simple you can do to help and an opportunity to learn more about the visitors to your new hotel.



56. Girls with drills

Another incredible initiative that I was introduced to at New Scientist Live showing girls that they can have fun inventing, building and creating just like boys can. They sell amazing t-shirts which I really want but also host workshops which could be something great for schools of clubs.



57. The Chemist Tree

Another small business that I LOVE! Full of creative notebooks, greetings cards, tote bags, calendars and so much more there will be something here for everyone to gift or to receive and we can all learn a little chemistry or maths too! Plus you get to support another awesome small business!



58. Space themed bedding

Why should inspiration stop at night? Instead get some science themed bedding whether it is this space one, dinosaurs, biology, chemistry, robots or engineering there will be something that your giftee is passionate about.



59. Agate bookends

Not only are these beautiful and perfect to add any colour to a room, but they also will encourage you to ask more questions about geology and how these beautiful agates form.



60. Agate drink coasters

If you have agate bookends for your lounge or office, then why not get coasters to match!



61. Periodic table washbag

Going away for the weekend or taking a holiday? You still don’t need to leave your love of science behind. This time I’m not talking about trips away but a washbag for your travels.



62. Portable solar charger

Now you can charge up your phone on the go without electricity using the power of the Sun. This solar power bank can help you stay connected and communicating science on social media or reading my blog 😛 whilst being more environmentally friendly too. Perfect if the scientist in your life might go away on long expeditions or field trips.



63. Astronaut nutcracker

So the only time I have ever seen a nutcracker is at Christmas time so if you have someone who cracks it out at Christmas or even year round and they love science, why not introduce them to this novelty nutcracker as a gift?



64. Shenova fashion

I have known about this company for a little while now and love their garments. A subtle celebration of science. Dresses inspired my gravitational waves, Jupiter, DNA, maths, medicine and engineering. Plus bags, scarves and t-shirts too!



65. Cosmic knives

Cooking is not too different from science. Following a recipe and combining ingredients to get a final result. So if there is a science lover with a flair for cooking in your life then this knife set might be the perfect gift for them. Plus look how gorgeously pretty they are!



66. H-Racer 2 hydrogen fuel cell car

If you are looking for a really cool way to show how hydrogen power works then the H-Racer 2 hydrogen fuel cell car is a fun and educational way to learn about water electrolysis and fuel cell science. Perfect for any aspiring engineers, anyone who loves cars or is fascinated by how cars of the future may run.



67. Saltwater motorcycle

This product is along the same sort of lines as the previous one again. This time this kit teaches you all about power by natural salt water. No need for batteries to send this motorcycle racing around the tracks.



68. Solar system coat hooks

Add these to your hall or a child’s bedroom to bring a little sprinkle of space to a room!



69. Crime scene science kit

Maybe there is someone in your life who loves watching CSI or all those other detective shows. Then maybe this kit will allow you to explore the science behind forensics and play detective in real life! The biochromatic fingerprint powder is a favourite of mine.



70. Freddie Mercury phone case

Something a little bit out of the box next. A phone case to celebrate the periodic table but also one of, in my opinion, the greatest singers who has ever lived. Get yours here:



71. Baby science books by Chris Ferrie

I truly believe that we are all born scientists with a curious nature, so why not start them early? I absolutely love these books by Chris Ferrie that covers an incredible array of topics from space to maths to biology to quantum mechanics, organic chemistry and general relativity! yes you read that right! I gifted these to two friends recently who had just become first-time mums so they work for baby’s first Christmas and great baby shower gifts too. The difficult part is choosing which ones to buy. I’m sure everyone could learn a thing or two from them as well.



72. Hobby rock tumbler kit

The perfect rock tumbler for beginners and advanced hobbyists. This tumbler from National Geographic is built to last and includes everything to get you started including 9 types of rough gemstones to promote an interest in geology.



73. The Indisputable Existence of Santa Claus

Okay – so while I said there weren’t many books, I have to add this one. It’s about Santa after all and all the mathematical joys behind Christmas by the amazing Hannah Fry.



74. Platonic solids enamel pin set

Another suggestion to celebrate science themed pins and mathematics with this set showcasing the platonic solids. If you don’t know what they are then I highly recommend watching Hannah Fry’s Magic Numbers series to find out! My favourite is the dodecahedron, what’s yours?



75. Iridescent beetle bottle opener

If beautiful creepy crawlies are your thing then why not give this beautiful bottle opener to a friend, family member or keep it for yourself.



76. Bone pens

You can never have too many pens and who doesn’t love a novelty pen? So jazz up your pencil pot with these skeletal joys and get learning about the skeleton.



77. Chemistry crayon labels

Children absorb new information and knowledge like sponges so why not encourage them to ask more questions about chemicals and elements with these awesome crayons.



78. Galaxy resin ring

If you are popping the question this Christmas or on the hunt for a science themed wedding band, or simply an science themed accessory then maybe this resin ring is an option for you. For more science themed wedding rings, stay tuned for my upcoming ‘science wedding’ ideas post.



79. Astronaut earrings

The Science Museum have a range of astronaut themed earrings from studs to these drop down ones which are my favourite.



80. Crocheting Neuroscience book

Know someone who loves brains and also crocheting? Or maybe someone who loves to crochet and you’re thinking about gifting them something a little different? Then this book by the wonderful Tahani (@thepurplelilac on social media) is a perfect Christmas gift.

xmas 80.jpg


81. Planet blocks

Another switch from last year. This year it’s all about the planet themed baby blocks. A perfect gift for the astronomer of the future.



82. Stainless steel drinking straws

Say goodbye to plastic straws! And if you don’t like those paper ones most pubs and restaurants are now using then bring your own and help save the planet with these stainless steel versions. You could also shop small for these products and get a range of colours – mine are rainbow coloured!



83. Cheesemaking kit

Just another reminder for you that cooking and science are not too different. So maybe you are a cheese lover like me and now you can use your scientist skills to make your own. Because you can never have enough cheese right? Plus it will be a great addition to your after Christmas dinner cheeseboard next year!



84. Knex imagine 70 model building set

Another classic to inspire the engineers, builders and architects of the future. Who doesn’t love building and creating things from scratch?



85. Fibonacci sequence keyring

I think we all need to embrace maths a little more. There is so much more to it than just adding and subtracting. So, why not get people to ask more questions with this keyring all about the Fibonacci sequence. Or you could always get some cufflinks, necklaces, bags or scarves with it on too!



86. Potato clock kit

We have all heard of that experiment where we can power a clock using a potato right? Well now you can do that at home with this kit.



87. Anki’s Overdrive

This Starter kit allows you to build tracks to race supercars around against your friends or even AI controlled vehicles, all from your phone. You can get expansion packs too which could include jumps. Perfect for an aspiring mechanical engineer.



88. Foldscope

Don’t you just hate it when you’re walking around and spot something you would love to take a closer look at but can’t because you haven’t got your microscope with you? Well no you dont have to worry because Foldscope is a microscope that can fit in your pockets so you can magnify the beautiful natural world around us anywhere you go. Foldscope also do classroom kits for any science teachers looking for a great idea to magnify their class’ curiosity.



89. Light and paper

Another small business to share with you now. Ali from Light and paper has some beautiful sciart highlighted in her anatomy collection. Beautiful pieces for the biology lover who loves to be creative. My favourite is the brain laser cut artwork.



90. Smore magazine subscription

I don’t know about you, but I am a bit fed up of the glossy mags with supermodels on the front. Are you? And that is why I love Smore magazine. The cover girl style magazine but the cover stars are inspiring scientists. A subscription is a perfect gift idea for any young aspiring scientist.



91. Gravitrax

A new STEM kit to get your imagination running by building tracks and getting the gravity spheres rolling. Expansion packs can also be bought.



92. Gears! Gears! Gears!

Another great educational resource to encourage engineering skills in youngsters whilst also helping to refine motor skills and problem solving.



93. CuriousOctoDesigns

Another small business from the wonderful Hana Ayoob. I was recommended this store by so many people when I was doing research for this gift guide so I had to include it. Hana’s Etsy store is full of awesome stickers, badges and illustrations to keep any biologist happy. My favourite is this sticker:



94. Wonder Lab

This ultimate STEM lab brings magic of science to life through 20 activities and over 50 accessories, sounds and phrases. Here is your chance to play scientist or engineer at home.



95. GeoSmart FlipBot

This colourful STEM magnetic construction set features two snap-in motors and strong magnetic/steel build pieces. Simply controlled by a wireless remote. The flip bot has an additional set of wheels for flipping.



96. Creator bots

Why not support a Kickstarter campaign for Christmas? Creator box is a monthly subscription box where you can build robots. The latest fundraising is for the Mars space exploration theme. Pledge to support this campaign and receive gifts in return.



In order to continue supporting small businesses and also supporting some amazing friends I have made through science communication on Instagram, I want to feature three businesses that I love and adore. While I featured them last year, I wanted to feature them again this year so you don’t miss them. So here are the final three:

97. Sci Chic

If jewellery wasn’t enough for you. Then how do you fancy 3D-printed jewellery. That is what my friend Erin and previous Scientist in the Spotlight does with her business Sci Chic. Check out the new arrivals and see what you can gift this Christmas.



98. Science on a Postcard

These are some of the pins that my lanyard is covered in and I just need some more. But it’s not just pins but notebooks, postcards and mirrors to name a few too. I highly recommend everything you find in this Etsy store and these are the pins I am looking for if anyone is short of a Christmas present idea for me.



99. Two Photon

Full of zines, stickers and more badges, Two Photon is one of my absolute faves! Get your hands on some awesome pins to advocate for what you believe in or what you represent or love! Again, if anyone is looking for a gift for me, this is one of the pins I need to add to my HUGE collection! They also have a computer science activity book coming soon which you can preorder now!



If you have made it all the way to the end of this then I hope you have found some great Christmas gift ideas for the science lovers in your life but I also feel you need a treat – I will be hosting a Christmas gift giveaway next week where you will have the chance to win some of these awesome suggestions so stay tuned for that opportunity!

There are so many other STEM themed gifts out there for kids and for adults. I could go on for days! I cut out over 100 products and companies this year which are top of the waiting list for next year. For even more inspiration, remember to check out last year’s gift guide too.  And now you can get even more ideas from my 2019 gift guide too! But hopefully there is something here that is perfect for that someone in your life who has insatiable curiosity, or something that inspires you to get a different product that could inspire them to pursue their passions and interests.


Do you have a favourite STEM themed toy or gift that I’ve missed or maybe you have a product to promote? Please share it in the comments below so we can make this a more comprehensive list of ideas for everyone.


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Science love.


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31 thoughts on “Christmas gift guide for science lovers 2018

  1. Awesome list! Thanks for compiling and sharing such cool ideas.

    I’d like to promote my shop at I’ve only recently started my shop, but it is growing! I have stationary, ornaments, a pin, and stickers, all drawn or designed by me! Profits fund my science communication efforts by offsetting the costs of travel and materials for events to which I contribute.


    1. Thank you. I’m so happy you like it. And also thank you for taking the time to read it all as I know it was a long one and commenting too.

      Of course! Promote away! I’m always happy to promote small businesses especially when they are science themed 🙂 I can’t wait to go and check it out. What events do you go to?


      1. Thank you!

        As an example, I’ve volunteered several times with Project Scientist, a group that focuses on making girls ages 4-12 feel and act like scientists to address the notion that science and maths are for boys that sets on even at a young age. During the summer I volunteer as a “STEM Super Star” for their summer academy where I give a mini-lecture and do activities with the girls. I also give them freebies (e.g. nebula bookmarks I made) to keep them thinking about what we did that day. I also organized a STEM expedition to my institution and created a coloring/activity “research” notebook and bought things like crayons.

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  2. This is one the best gift guides I’ve seen yet! The iPhone case is a personal favourite!



  3. What a great list! I make scientific stationery, stickers, and buttons at! Would love to be included in future gift guides!


  4. This is an awesome gift guide! Thanks for putting it together! I make scientific stationery, buttons, stickers, and magnets at – would love to send you some samples and/or be included in future gift guides!


    1. Hi! Thank you! So glad you like it and thanks for commenting. It’s great to get feedback from you all. Awesome. I will check it out later and I would love to receive some samples. Email me at and we can chat further. Will add you to my list for next year’s gift guide too which has nearly got 200 items on it again!


    1. Ah yes! I’ve seen your designs before and I love them! Thanks for commenting and adding your venture to the list. I’ll add you to my list for the next year’s gift guide too which has already got nearly 200 suggestions on it!


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