Ph.Done! … but still not a Dr.

I’m starting off October with a BIG announcement! Are you ready?

*drum roll please*




After 4 years of research, 500 pages, 104790 words, 657 Western blots, faaaar too many PCRs, metabolism assays and failed experiments, billions of stem cells and countless late nights and weekends and finally after 3 months of writing, my PhD thesis was born!


So, how does it feel to be done?

It’s a little bit of a mixture of emotions to be totally honest with you. Firstly, it’s a total relief to be done with it. I’ve worked damn hard for years to achieve this goal, I struggled a little over the last month or so with a lack of support and I’m totally exhausted so to not have to do more PhD experiments or think abut writing a thesis feels great right now and that a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders! Next, I also feel a total sense of achievement. Often throughout a PhD you can feel like you are not really getting anywhere or not progressing until you sit down and start to write up all you have done. But even then, they were just numbers and letters on a screen. Watching those pages keep coming from the printer and to get them all bound together and see all those hours, weeks, months and years of hard work in physical form was great. To hold all of that in my hands made me realise everything I had done over the last few years was worth it, or at least will be worth it.


On the flip side, I was also a little anxious and fearful about what was next. I am 26 years old and for the first time in my life, I have no idea what I am going to be doing next. There’s no school, no university to be going back to, no job.

But handing those copies over last Friday I actually felt quite proud of myself, and even though I’ve already been having nightmares about it, I can now sort of relax…. well at least until the next stage.


So, what’s next?

Gaining a PhD is much more than just writing up all your research into a thesis. This is only one step closer to being awarded that degree and title of Dr. Now I have submitted my thesis, it will be sent off to my examiners in preparation for my viva or defence – an oral exam where I will have to defend and justify all my research, but more on that in future posts. And then in a few months, I will have to resubmit my thesis all over again.

For now, I am in that awkward time between thesis submission and viva having done all the research that will – hopefully – get me a PhD, but without the Dr title just yet. So, I will just sit back and wait for my viva date to be set before opening that thesis up again and for now celebrate, relax and work out what is next for me!


Science love.


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