Scientist in the Spotlight. Class of ’18.


It’s the last post of Spotlight September 2018 … even if it is admittedly a little late, so apologies for that! But this time it is a little different. I have spent the last month introducing you to some more inspirational scientists from around the world. If you missed any of their stories just click on their names below to learn more about anything and everything from brains and lasers to YouTubing and fossils.

Georgia A-SMeriame BDaniel TMafalda ADaniel K Gabriel S Nessy H

But today I want to catch up with some of the scientists I have interviewed and featured over the past year of Scientist in the Spotlight and see what they are up to now. So, let’s get stuck in and induct the 8 members of the Class of 2018 at their Spotlight Reunion.

You can also check out the Class of 2017 here too.


Sean M – this PhD turned businessman talked to us about his research and why he left academia for setting up a business in his feature last year. Check out what he has to say 12 months later.


Tim G – Unfortunately we haven’t been able to get an update from Tim, but he must be enveloped in his PhD research as he only has 8 months to go! But you can find out what his research is all about and what it was like to go through astronaut training in his feature here.


Rachel S – Next I want to reintroduce you to this wonderful woman who has some big news to share since her interview in January. Check out what that is below but also read her interview once again talking about working as an environmental scientist in Hawaii and why that doesn’t stop her wearing her stilettos.


Stanley Z – Time to catch up with this wonderful scientist. Check out Stanley’s feature from February to learn more about his research and find out what he has been up to since.


Ivana – Time to catch up with this inspirational lady. While we didn’t get an actual catch up with Ivana, I know she hasn’t been able to share anything about her work for confidential reasons but she has been working on building Hello Bezlo! To find out what that is and more on her job in maths, head back and check out her Spotlight feature.


Helena P – Our next inductee is particle physicist Helena who I met at Soapbox Science Brighton. Read her Spotlight feature here and then check out her update below.


Martijn P – Despite Martijn only being featured two months ago he still has some exciting updates to share with us below. But first check out this PhD student turned scicomm officer’s feature here.


Connor R – And finally our most recent interviewee Connor who was only interviewed last month but still has an exciting update. Read more about his research and big plans from his feature here.


That’s a wrap! This marks the end of another SPOTLIGHT SEPTEMBER! I hope you have all enjoyed the return of the monthly special on the blog – I would really appreciate any feedback you have about it! A massive thank you to all the scientists from the Class of 2018 and the Spotlight Class of 2018 for getting involved in my blog and taking the time to answer all my questions! Hopefully it has shown people from all backgrounds and of all ages that being a scientist is not just one thing and there is so much variety in careers and interests! And I hope you have found it interesting to see where the Class of 2018 are now and how a scientist in their career progresses! There are loads more stories from real life scientists on my blog that you can check out via the Scientist in the Spotlight tab in the menu. Check them out as you never know where some inspiration might lie!

Normal service on Soph talks science will resume next week, but thank you all for your continued support of all my different blog features and of my scicomm adventure!

Science love.


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6 thoughts on “Scientist in the Spotlight. Class of ’18.

  1. This is not a post I would normally read. But I really enjoyed it and have followed your blog to see more! Science is cool! And I’m really interested in seeing what you write about. One thing though… I may ask lots of questions 😂💜

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This has absolutely made my day. Thank you. I am so happy that you enjoyed it and want to come back for more. Science is amazing. It surrounds us in everything in this world and something we should all think about. And asking me questions is exactly what I want you to do, so please ask away and please never think there is ever a stupid question because there isn’t!


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