Things I learnt about myself during my digital detox.

So, you might have noticed that recently I took a little digital detox. I stepped away from social media for a little while for various reasons – I felt huge pressure to be posting daily to keep up engagement and trying to grow my following which led me to take some shortcuts that I am not proud of and not share the true digital content that I want to share with all of you. I was feeling completely swamped by the numbers to try and boost engagement and was becoming obsessed by the type of picture I showed or how long the caption was, what time of day I posted and working out which was more successful. But most importantly, I completely lost who I wanted to be as a science communicator on Instagram particularly. So, I decided to take a step back and redefine, refresh and revitalise my attitude and aspirations. Here is a little more about what I learnt and decided during my mini digital detox.



With Soph talks science, I want to educate and hopefully even inspire people to get involved with science or just more interested. But I am ashamed to say that recently my obsession with the stats made me lose my way. For a short while I wasn’t about the content that I wanted to be, I was all about keeping up the traffic. I had complete lost my voice and what I wanted to share.

So, I thought this time away would be perfect for redefining my goals and Soph talks science’s mission statement. Getting these goals down on paper means that I always have them in the back of my mind when creating content and hopefully it will mean I can create more meaningful content for the people that matter – YOU!


Writing a blog vision or mission statement is a really powerful and liberating task and if you haven’t made one yet, I would highly recommend that you give it a go. These statement are short, concise and inspiring, so they don’t take too long to craft. They are written for your target market, reinforce the values you provide your reader and hopefully leave a memorable impression on them.



My time away allowed by to hit refresh on myself and think about the way I was going about my content. Time pressures were making me write blogs or take photos for an Instagram post on the same day. It wasn’t completely reckless as I always have a list of content I want to write about but the love and attention to the details was severely lacking. So, now I had redefined my voice, I wanted to work out a way where I could work to share that without it getting lost again.

Not posting on social media during my digital detox completely cleared my mind. I wasn’t always thinking ‘What am I going to post tomorrow?’ or ‘What time do I need to post today?’. Not focussing on this gave me the open mind I need to be creative. Not posting suddenly gave me loads more ideas that I wanted to post about there and then, but to not defeat the purpose of my detox I have saved them for another day. It also allowed by to refresh my methods. Before I was writing posts around experiments. Now, I turn off all distraction and go into my little bubble and just write. It has completely refreshed my outlook on blogging and creating content – now it is all about quality over quantity!



Taking the step back, redefining my voice and refreshing the way I create content gave me a completely new lease of life for sharing blog posts and social media posts. At the end of my break I was chomping at the bit to get back to creating. I had given myself the headspace to be my normal creative self and more importantly the time to polish the messages I wanted to.

It also meant SO much to me getting all the messages on social media, in person and in the post for all of you. You guys made me realise why I started this in the first place and why I love doing it and why I wanted to come back revitalised. Now I’m excited for new contracts, contacts and opportunities that I can achieve and gain whilst being the science communicator and science blogger I really am.


I’ve been back on the social media wagon for a little while now but I have not been posting as regularly and while I have seen a drop in engagement from before, I still get consistency. It’s really great to know that I can not post for a week and the awesome community of supporters will still be there when I return which I am truly grateful for. Something that I thought wouldn’t happen before but now I’m so glad I know because it is so much healthier for me. Hopefully once lab life is finished, or at least the side hustle commitments have died down a little, I will be able to start sharing more content again. I’ve got so many ideas of things to share with you jotted down I just need to find the best way to share them now as that is what YOU all deserve from me.

Who else has been feeling a little swamped by social media? Would you take a break? Or perhaps you have taken a break recently? If you have I would love to know more about your experience.

Science love.


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