I won a UK Blog Award!

Okay – so I still cannot believe I am saying this but I won not just one but TWO UK Blog Awards!

Regular readers of my blog will remember that back in December I was asking if you would all vote for Soph talks science in the Education category for the UK Blog Awards 2018 where all of your lovely votes made me a shortlisted finalist. The judges spent January going through all the finalists blogs and ultimately deciding the winners. But we had to wait patiently until two weeks ago on 20th April 2018 to find out who the lucky winners were. So, I might have given away the answer a little bit already – but I thought for this blog I could re-live that whole experience and share photos and video clips with all of you as I didn’t get to share much on the night because of WiFi issues – first world problems I know! But as a thank you to every single one of you who has read my blog, shared my blog, subscribed to my blog and voted for Soph talks science. If I could have invited all of you I definitely would have done because your continued support means so much to me. So, I’m going to take you through the night and share with you some of the other amazing bloggers, vloggers and influencers that I had the pleasure of meeting or connecting with too.



The 2018 UK Blog Awards was held at the London Marriott Hotel in Grosvenor Square. So, it was time to get as glam as possible on what was the hottest day of the year so far! The awards included 19 different categories with most having a business and an individual section per category. 8 finalists were shortlisted from the voting by their readers and waiting to find out if they had secured the winner’s prize. I was shortlisted in the Individual Education category against some seriously strong competition including some blogs full of awesome teacher resources which made me think I had missed the mark a little bit on what category I had entered.

Photo credits: UK Blog Awards

After prosecco and canapes on arrival, all attendees were shown into this stunning conference room laced with some gorgeous chandeliers, helium balloons and of course a red carpet. Our hosts arrived and we kicked off with an inspiring speech from the keynote speaker Gina Akers. Gina told her story about how she was always told that she couldn’t be something because noone would take her seriously or she shouldn’t enter that competition because she wasn’t good enough. But nonetheless, Gina went on to enter that competition and she won it! Her work in that competition got her noticed and lead to amazing opportunities that have lead to her career in TV and as a businesswoman. The message of this speech really resonated with one of the missions I want to achieve with Soph talks science. No matter whether that is in science like me, the beauty industry like Gina and everything in between:

Don’t let anyone stop you doing what you want, or tell you that you are not good enough!




It was time! The results for the individual Education category were in. The nominees were read out followed by who came Highly Commended. And this year that honour went to the amazing Sara and Natasha from F Yeah History who’s blog I absolutely love!

Now – no awards ceremony is complete without a wardrobe malfunction and some confusion in announcing the winner – and both of those honours went to me! On my way to the venue, I manage to snag my jumpsuit on something – I still don’t know what – which left a hole in one of the legs. Luckily it was near the bottom and not too big so nobody noticed. Well at least noone told me they noticed. As for the announcement mishap. the judge opened up the envelope to reveal the winner’s name written on the card. And the winner is… SOP! Just three little letters which were read out. You could tell for a split second that there was a collective ‘huh?’ around the room. then luckily the name of the winner appeared on the screen at the back, and up popped Soph talks science! You can relive that moment with me in the video below.

I was rushed off backstage to have my photograph taken and then wandered back to my seat with my certificate and my trophy of a bottle of prosecco; and was met with such support and congratulations from those sat around me.

The two beauties behind F Yeah History Sara & Natasha. Love what these ladies are sharing on their blog and looking forward to sharing some collaborations with you. Yes that’s right! Science AND history collabs coming your way soon!



The final award of the evening was upon us to crown the overall individual content creator of the year. The wonderful Gina Akers was back on stage to present this one and began to introduce the winner. For me there was a similar feel to this speech as there was for her keynote message but two phrases of this particular speech stuck in my mind:

‘This winner represents

an area where

women are



You can’t put a price

on education!


Never had I dreamed that I would win the Education category, let alone another award but these two statements actually made me think ‘Is she talking about me?’ And there it was the announcement of the content creator of the year! Soph talks science!

Thanks to Bex Henderson from Bright Lights Big City for sharing these clips with me. Check out her vlog of the evening here.


Surprised, overwhelmed and truly, truly grateful is a complete understatement of those next few seconds. An education blog written by a female scientist had won overall content creator of the year?! Wow! I still don’t think I quite believe it now two weeks later. And I believe the first Education blog to win overall too!

Might change my blog name to SOP now πŸ˜›

In a room full of incredible fashion, beauty, travel, food, marketing, fitness bloggers and so many more different categories. For the judges to recognise what I want to achieve with Soph talks science and then to acknowledge that means so much. As I mentioned before, these two awards are an absolute honour and definitely was completely unexpected – I was there for the networking, the prosecco and a weekend in London town! But they have given me a huge confidence boost. It’s made me realise that I have a message and a mission that people want to listen to, share and acknowledge. It’s made my brain go into a crazy frenzy coming up with ideas of how I could try and bring this to more and more people, and maybe even turn that into a business. Who knows what the future will hold for Soph talks science but this is the start of that future! I’m feeling positive and so so grateful.

Bought this lush rose gold frame from Paperchase to go alongside my two trophies from the night!



After the awards ceremony was over, everyone filtered out of the ceremony room and I don’t remember much of it. I feel like I was walking around in a bit of a trance hoping someone would wake me up from this dream so I could see who the real winner was. But I met some amazing bloggers and vloggers on the night and some I have connected with since and I wanted to introduce some of them to you. I know I have definitely missed some people so I apologise to who I’ve missed – but you should definitely go and check out their vlogs, blogs and social media and give them a follow πŸ™‚

F Yeah History

Kiki Blah Blah

Bright Lights Big City

Typeface Group

Every Treasure blog

Food Steam Ahead

Not Dressed As Lamb

Brummy Mummy of 2

Lucy & Lentils

Mrs Humanities

Gina Akers

I had the pleasure of sitting next to Lea from Food Steam Ahead and Emma from Brummy Mummy of 2. Lea had recently returned from Japan and after checking out her most recent blog posts I now want to go to Japan too and try out all their street food. But Lea also shared with me a story that she kindly allowed me to share with all of you. When she was younger, she wanted to pursue computer science and her sister wanted to be a forensic scientist. But when heading into college to sign up – they were both actively discouraged and almost refused from these courses, and told these courses were for boys. They both were pressured into theatre studies or psychology because they were female. Now this is exactly the thing I want to dispel completely with my blog. Young girls should know that they can have any career they want to by showcasing role models in those careers. We need to stop this action where anyone is told that they can’t do something or be something.

I received some awesome advice from Not Dressed As Lamb and Lucy & Lentils, and looking to work with F Yeah History, Every Treasure Blog and Bex from Bright Lights, Big City. I didn’t meet Bex at the awards night. Instead we both are based in Southampton and were at the same event on Wednesday night. Even then we didn’t realise each other was there and only connected after Bex messaged me after watching each others Instagram stories. So, I’m excited to meet up with her and other bloggers in Southampton to network some more.



But this night would never have happened without all of YOU! You are the ones that voted for me. You are the ones that read my blog week after week. You are the ones that support me in getting my passion for science and sharing my goals and ideas out there. So, this award is really for you. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I don’t think I can thank you enough really. Hopefully now I can keep producing content that is worthy of an award winning blog!


As always if there is a science topic or issue you would love me to cover then please get in touch. Or if there is something you want to see more or less of on my blog then I would love to hear from you to.

Thank you all so much again, and here is to the beginning of the next adventure!

Science love.


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