5 thoughts on “Why leave the lab bench & start a career in scicomm?

  1. Hi Sophie, Great post about leaving the lab bench for scicomm careers! I’ve been struggling with this decision for a while as well, and I’ve decided to graduate with a masters in neurobiology and pursue a PhD in communications to study science communication. When I first got interested in scicomm I remember thinking, it would be super cool if I could do a PhD in scicomm and then discovered there were programs that would let me do just that! I’ve been conducting informational interviews to get more of an idea of future careers from science writing to university communications officers, museums, etc and it’s so important to make people aware of the wide variety of career options. Reading Katy’s experience in the guest blog was really great!


  2. Hi Sophie! Loved this post because it gave great insight into what this career is like and what kinds of experiences helped Katy prepare best so that I and other current graduate students can figure out how to develop useful skills for careers in scicomm! It was very interesting to know that the other people in her team don’t have their PhDs! Looking forward to the rest of the series!


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