#StrongerTogether. Why I love the Women in STEM community.

Hello. My name is Soph and I am a STEMinist!


Growing up it was always going to be science that I was going to work in. But I wasnt aware of any female role models in the field that could inspire me or at least show me that girls can do science but this also made me naively unaware of the stereotypes of being a woman in science! Fast forward 20 years or so and my eyes have finally been opened to this and the amazing community of women in science. And I want young girls and women everywhere to know that we are here, no matter what!


Today is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science! It is the perfect opportunity for me to shout about and continue to support and advocate for women in science, technology, engineering and maths!

My duty as a proud STEMinist is to be a role model for the future female scientists in the world! I want to show them that if you want to be a scientist, you absolutely can! And it does not mean that you have to give up any other passion of yours because being a scientist doesn’t just mean research and lab life! Hell no! There are so many awesome careers that a scientist can do that have nothing to do with your ‘stereotypical scientist job’! I also want to be there to support and encourage all the current women in STEM who are going through tough times and wanting to give it all up and also celebrate all their achievements. And what better day to do this than today!


But there is still an issue with getting young girls into science careers and keeping them there! Some of the reasons why is the stereotypes associated with being labelled in science and as a woman in STEM and the culture of not being taken seriously because you are female in what is stereotypically a male dominated field are incredibly off putting for aspiring female scientists of the future. This and so many other reasons including the comments and jibes like these inspirational women have shared below are why girls are put off considering a career in science. It’s no wonder that so many women end up leaving science too.

Each of these women is just as capable as the next person in their field and this negativity isn’t going to stop them from doing what they love! Science!


Why do I love the women in STEM community?

Being a female scientist and discovering this women in science community on social media is probably one of the best things I have ever encountered and I feel utterly privileged to be a part of. In this world we live in, sometimes us gals don’t help ourselves! We are guilty of tearing other women down and judging them for what they look like. We are guilty of wanting to climb over each other to reach the top of the mountain but also comparing ourselves to others and beating ourselves up about that.

But the women in science community is different. Instead of tearing each other down, we build each other up. Instead of climbing on top of you, we are helping each other to reach the top of the mountain.

Because of the women in science community I am proud to be labelled as a scientist.

Because of the women in science community I am proud to be a woman in STEM and a role model for others.

I have come across so many amazing role models that have become true friends even though we have never actually met! They have got me through the dark times of my PhD when I was thinking of throwing in the towel and they are the first ones to celebrate the little wins with you.

It is the most supportive, inspiring and encouraging group of women I have ever been privileged enough to be a part of! Not a day goes past where I dont get messages from other gals saying they are grateful for what I do on this blog and my social media. And I will always be there to support each of them too. But the love doesnt stop there… just look at all these messages:

It just goes to show that no matter what negative or derogatory comments get thrown our way, we are stronger together! No matter who tries to belittle you and judge you for being a woman in STEM, there will always be so many more words of encouragement that you receive from your fellow women in STEM. No matter what, you can overcome it with the support of the women in science community!

That fear of being judged that might put girls off a science career isnt something you need to worry about because the women in this community will be there for you and support you any way and every way. And that is so special and needs to be shouted!

And hopefully sharing this insight into our community will help inspire future scientists to want to become a part of an empowering female community!


So for International Day of Women and Girls in Science I want to celebrate that empowerment! I want us to show the world and future STEMinists that you can throw whatever you want at us, because we will come out better the other side as we are…


Share a photo of a comment you have received from another woman in STEM like the ones above across social media! Share what that comment meant to you and why YOU love the women in science community. Here is mine:


As I’ve eluded to earlier in my post, its not only getting girls into science that is an issue, but also getting us to stay there because of the comments and harassment! But to have someone actually tell me they want to stay in science because of what I share on social media… well, I don’t think there’s much better! But each of the messages I receive and send each day inspire me to want to stay in science and try to make a difference, break down this stereotypes and remind me why I love doing what I’m doing!

And that is why I love the women in STEM community!

This is the present and the future of women in science! Empowering each other & inspiring the next generation!


There are so many awesome projects going on today across social media. So head over to my social media pages and I will be sharing as many of them as I can today! That goes for you guys too!

Science love.


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9 thoughts on “#StrongerTogether. Why I love the Women in STEM community.

  1. Great post … love all the messages in photo form! So far I haven’t felt too much stigma or gender bias as an undergraduate student, except for one hilarious moment when, after answering someone’s science question on Twitter, they replied “thank you sir”. A good response in that they thought it was helpful enough to have come from a guy, but also not so great that they didn’t realise that I was a girl!

    Also loving the new site design, cause it’s awesome!


    1. Thank you. So happy you liked it. I have been quite lucky too. I haven’t really experienced much compared to others I know. But I’m glad to hear that you haven’t experienced that really up until now, despite the ‘thank you sir’. Thank you for the feedback on the new site look too. Is it easier to navigate?


        1. Great to know. Thank you for sharing that with me. If you ever have any other thoughts about how the site looks and how I can make it easier for the reader please do let me know 🙂


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