Science Christmas Challenge 2017 – The Winners

As a bit of festive science fun this year, I set you TWO challenges in a previous blog post and in an Instagram post! Challenge 1 was to come up with your own science inspired Christmas Carol & Challenge 2 was to show me your Christmas lab decorations – and I have not been disappointed. But I have chosen some winners and some small goodies will be shipped to you after Christmas 🙂 So without further ado, let’s show you some of the entries and my 2017 winners.


Challenge 1 – Science Christmas Carols

I came across this one from the Laird Lab at VA Institute presenting their 12 Days of Science

But I got sent two entries on Instagram that I just couldnt decide between. They are both so much better than the ones I wrote. So my 2017 winners of the Science Christmas Carol competition are:

♥  Samantha Aylor @oh_saylor with ‘Parasites, Parasites’ to the tune of Jingle Bells


@rachcharlylou with ‘Away in the Fume Hood’ to the tune of Away in a Manager


Away in the fume hood
I tend to my cells.
Add the drugs to the plates
Then I’ll run some more gels.
I’ll do a Western to see if my protein is there
I hope there’s bands by my marker
I hope the gel is not bare.

Does the band move position
If the Serine is changed?
Does it stop phospho’s adding?
Or do I see something strange?
I hope the cancer cells don’t
Like the drugs that I add
Cancer research: doing good things
To fight something bad.


Challenge 2 – Christmas Lab Decorations

As for lab decorations, once again there was quite a variety of photos I came across. I loved these eppendorf garlands and ice box snowmen from Laura White.


There were snowflakes galore, candy canes as pipettes, Falcon tube snowmen and a ‘Happy Holidays’ wreath which I loved from @sugarandscience.


I also came across some awesome handmade crocheted Xmas decorations. They are red, green and blue photoreceptors – cells of your eye that help us see colour – and a colourful retinal stem cell sphere from the wonderful Tahani @thepurplelilac. But I really appreciate the effort and commitment to decking out the lab with this photo from the Jones Lab at McGill University. If that doesn’t get you in the Christmas spirit then I dont know what will.


But there was a bit of a theme this year, and that unexpected theme was Christmas trees. There are A LOT of them in the labs around the world and here’s a sneaky peek at some of them.


While all of these decorations are amazing, I have decided on a winner, which is obviously along the Christmas tree theme. So my 2017 winner of the Lab Christmas Decoration competition is:

♥  Naomi Koh Belic @naomikohbelic with her Lab Christmas Tree


I loved it because it was so beautiful AND she even shared a ‘How To’ guide so you can make one next year for your lab too! Maybe your lab supervisor will be a little more impressed than Naomi’s 😛


Thanks to everyone who got involved and congratulations to my winners. I hope this has got you feeling a little bit more Christmassy and excited to be wrapping up in the lab for Christmas.


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Science love.


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