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Soph talks science is now an award winning blog!



I was so flattered and overwhelmed to be nominated for the Versatile Blogger award by Sara who created I have never met Sara persoanlly, but I have loved following the start of her blogging journey and her adventures on social media. She is a neuroscientist who like me loves science communication but is always combining the science with travelling and soaking up different cultures and lifestyles. Something I am super jealous of!

Being recognised by a fellow blogger for this award makes it that little bit more special, especially as Sara wanted to nominate some fellow science bloggers and show them her support. It was completely flattering to know that someone I have never met is really enjoying the blogs I produce and the content I share on social media. It’s given me the confidence boost I needed to know that I must be doing an alright job at this! And people are actually listening to what I have to say 😛 ! So I want to thank Sara again for my nomination and you should go check out here post about being nominated in the link above.


The whole purpose of the Versatile Blogger Award is for bloggers to reward other bloggers who inspired them with their valuable content, exceptional stories and writing skills, so I would like to nominate the following blogs and continue along the same lines as Sara and nominate some of the awesome science blogs that are out there!



A Pulgarita

You might recognise this one as Catia has already been featured and guest blogged on Soph talks science, but she fully deserves this recognition. Catia is Portuguese but is currently studying for her PhD at the infamous MIT in Boston, USA. I love Catia’s blog as it wonderfully mixes her life as a PhD student with some travels – again something I wish I could achieve more! I love that I will learn something in every post that Catia write whether it is a PhD top tip, something from a recent event she attended or the must do activities of her latest trip. Plus there is a super cute reason why her blog is called A Pulgarita 😛 You inspire me with how you manage to write so often about your experiences, so please keep up the awesome work! Check it out here!


Heidi R Gardner

Again, another name you might recognise as Heidi has also guest blogged on Soph talks science before, and I know she has already been nominated, but Heidi runs a blog that I love reading so I had to share it with you. Heidi is a PhD student and scientist, but she doesn’t work in a lab. Instead she works in clinical trial recruitment and has loads of great info to share on that each month. She also talks about the challenges that every PhD student will probably encounter and can realte to in such an honest, personal and beautiful way. She is also starting a new scicomm adventure called Science on a Postcard which I am excited to see where it takes her 🙂 It is a great blog, and I cannot do it justice with my words alone, so go and check it out here!


Surviving Science

Natasha is another science blogger who wants to pass on her experience of PhD life including all the ups and all the downs. She works on resistance mechanisms to targeted cancer therapies, particularly breast cancer in Edinburgh. If you are a wannabe grad student, then you must check out her blog! An honest dipiction of grad school life filled with tops tips and advice and humour. Her latest post 7 reasons your Western blot didn’t work (again) got me literally laughing out loud because I can relate so much to this! Another science blog that you must check out, so go do that here!



Another part of the Versatile Blogger award is to share 7 personal facts about yourself, so here are my 7 quick fire facts about me!

  1. I am Welsh and proud.

If you’ve ever met me you would never have guessed that I am Welsh because I don’t have the accent – at all! I put this down to living in Bath for a few year at uni and I haven’t been back home since for a long period of time! But you can take the girl out of Wales, but you will never take Wales out of the girl!


2. I have cooked for Russell Crowe and Stephen Hawking!!

This is my claim to fame right here!!! I might have been mixing with the A-list and science elite in a different manner to how I would have ever expected but there’s not many other people like me who can say this!

3. I love to travel and will hop on a plane at any chance I get!

In fact, my fiance and I were talking about this last night – our next trip! Unfortunately it won’t be until next year but I will have to take advantage of the awesome things to explore on my doorstep instead until then

4. I’m a deltiologist

No this is not some weird scientist. It means I collect postcards. Specifically I collect postcards from each place I travel to with the aim of creating a massive postcard wall in my house. Find out more about my postcard project on my sister blog Soph talks travel!

5. I love learning languages

If there is one wish I could be granted, it would be to be able to be fluent in as many languages as possible. Simple. Nerd goals I know!

6. I love watching and playing every kind of sport

Sport is one of my favourite things outside of science and travel. Sitting down to watch sports on the weekends or in the evenings after a long day in the lab is just bliss. I used to play everything I could when I was younger and I really miss that now. Especially playing cricket with my Cresselly ladies!


7. One thing I cannot live without is cheese!

Whether that is the traditional kind that you eat, or blasting out a bit of cheesy 90s tunes in the lab! Cheese is perfect for every occasion!


So thats that! Please go and check out these awesome bloggers and their blogs. They truly deserve all the support and recognition they can get! Have a great weekend all and see you for a brand new post on Monday!

If you love my blog just as much as Sara does, make sure you never miss a post by subscribing with your email address in the top right corner of this post, and you will be informed immediately when I new one is published. Or if you want more science, I am sharing daily science over on my social media account which you can check out via the links below!

Science love.


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  1. I love this post! Thank you for introducing me to some fantastic new blogs and well done on the award. You definitely deserve it with all the amazing communication you do in your social media!


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