PhDLife. 12 months left in the lab.

Today marks the day where I have only one year left in the lab!

And the only thing that makes me feel is ….. PANIC!


So many questions are going through my mind! Like, how am I going to get everything done in time? How am I even going to manage another year of increasing PhD stress? How am I going to juggle this with trying to get a job so I am not unemployed and broke come next September and many more. All of them have one thing in common though, they are making me rather anxious!

Excluding any problems that may arise, the PhD program that I am on requires me to be done in the lab and have written my actual thesis and have submitted that by 30th September 2018. Now you might think it’s only June – which is true but I need to give myself ample time to actual write essentially a book full of everything that I have spent the last four years of my life doing and edit it and perfect it! So to allow for that 30th June 2018 is kick out time of the lab!


At the moment, my research has got so many open ends. And with every question you answer, as with science it opens up about another hundred questions to ask! So the realisation that I am nearing the end of this journey is slowly starting to hit me. At the moment, I don’t have a clue how I am going to tie up these loose ends to get a complete story for my thesis. So, I need to sit down, work out what I need to do and make a plan!

Simple, right?


What advice would you give a PhD student entering their final year?


Science love.


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4 thoughts on “PhDLife. 12 months left in the lab.

  1. Something my thesis committee told me was that you don’t need a full story, as long as you can say what you would do to finish off. Basically, do less.


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