Guest blog: A Day in the Life of a PhD student. Bri L.


Bri’s blog posts were ones that inspired me to start my Day in the Life of a PhD student feature so you could get a taste of how varied my days in the lab could be. So there was no better place to start with the guest blogs to show how varied PhDs are by asking Bri to be a part of my blog.

Luckily she agreed.

So, I will hand you over to the second guest blogger this week 🙂 Enjoy 🙂


Hello! My name is Bri and I am a second year PhD student from Australia. My research is within the field of conservation psychology and I focus on marine ecotourism and conservation. I have always been passionate about conservation, and I feel so privileged that my work is based on my passions.


During my first year of my PhD, I created my blog which focuses on my studies and adventures. I love to write about my PhD journey, provide general study tips, and inspire people to explore nature. I have met so many wonderful PhD students, scientists, students, and conservationists through my blogging journey and love the opportunity to be featured on other people’s blogs.

This day in the life of blog post follows one of my Tuesdays in April:

7:19am – I am starting my day with a coffee in bed. The weather has cooled down, so it is so lovely to snuggle under the quilts for a little longer.


8:06am – All ready to leave for work and the long day ahead.


8:39am – After a quick stop off at the food store I have arrived at work and I’m ready to eat breakfast (oats and blueberries this morning).


10:07am – More emails, it has seriously felt as though my days are filled with emails lately. I have four email accounts which I have to keep on top of so it is super time consuming. I think I am completely up to date from the weekend now though!


11:01am – Qualitative data analysis time. This analysis for my first study has been a serious slow burn, I have probably spent over 100 hours on it already and I am only roughly 3 quarters through my initial analysis.


12:32pm – Enjoying lunch outside in the sunshine!


2:42pm – I am having a break from data analysis to write down a quick training plan for netball training tonight (My best friend and I coach an under 15s team).


3:38pm – I have arrived at home for a quick stop off before heading down to netball training.


5:23pm – Netball training time- I normally am in more appropriate attire, but I have to leave early for an online meeting for another volunteer position, so boots it is today.


6:24pm – I am all set up for my online monthly meeting for my state coordinator role.


8:09pm – The meeting has just finished, so I can finally switch my brain off and enjoy dinner.


9:49pm – I am finishing the night with some embroidering. I really enjoy doing some crafty activities a couple of nights a week as a way for me to wind down. I picked up a cheap shirt from the op-shop and am attempting to embroider a whale shark on the back of it. It is then off to bed to wake up early for another long day at work tomorrow.


How  does your typical day studying for your PhD compare to this? Or one of my days here? Please do share in the comments below. Or if you want to share a typical day in the life of your PhD journey please get in contact to do a guest blog.

Keep up to date with Bri’s blog here.

Huge thanks to Bri for guest blogging for Soph talks science – don’t forget to keep up to date with all new blog posts, all the latest news and more! Find me and Soph talks science blog on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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