Guest blog. 5 real life Fantastic Beasts and where to find them.

My final day in Barbados is finally here which means I have one final slot for a guest blogger. I am a bit of a Potterhead at heart and loved the new addition to the Harry Potter universe when the first Fantastic Beasts film got released at the end of last year. So amongst my [...]

Guest blog: ‘Cellfie’ of the month. The Dopaminergic Neuron.

Shown good the bad and the ugly of embryonic stem cells Explaimed that they need feeding every day to keep them happy but when they are unhappy their default is to turn into neurons or a type of brain cell Ive noticed recently that the odd colony of stem cells amongst my tower of cell [...]

A day in the life of a PhD student. Chapter 5.

A day in the life of a PhD student. Chapter 5.

As a PhD student, I often get asked the question 'So what do you do?' A simple enough question. A simple enough answer of 'I research embryonic stem cells and how they use oxygen concentration and glycolysis, a type of metabolism, to stay as stem cells'. But sometimes I then get asked 'No! I mean [...]