#Pint17 preview – Tech Me Out

Today is the last #pint17 preview post celebrating British Science Week! And today we are finishing with more of a futuristic theme than most with the turn of the Tech Me Out team.


As the theme suggests we are talking all things technology and the research behind these futuristic advances. With the era of the machine well underway in our world, will it ever stop? Or do we even want it to stop? What are the benefits of these advancing technologies in so many different fields? All these are questions that the Tech Me Out events are going to answer for you. With so much incredibly cool research going on that fits under this team’s bracket happening right here in Southampton, to only pick a few different scientists for you at this years festival is a really hard job for for our team.


Who are the Tech Me Out team?

Today I want to introduce you to Aaron, Elisabetta, Catarina, Jack, Nikolaos and Pete.

This is your Tech Me Out team for #pint17 #soton. These tech-savvy guys and girls have a host of different expertise. So, it is the responsibility of this team to make you excited for what our future holds for every aspect of our lives thanks to the research happening now!

Team techmeout


Where will the Tech Me Out events be?

The Tech Me Out team have secured the super cool Belgium and Blues for their events in May. Beer, blues, steak & mussels with a side order of science – what more can you want?

Details of start and finish times and any more info you might need to know will be made available in the coming weeks with the official Pint of Science 2017 launch just around the corner!


What will I learn at the Tech Me Out events?

Now for the best bit of the blog post – what are the events going to be about? Well, the Tech Me Out team have nearly sorted their events details so I can give you details for ALL THREE EVENTS!

Night 1 – One of the Tech Me Out nights is called Technology in the Wild. Now when I say the word technology to you – you probably think of big machines, computers and robots and that sort of thing right? Well, the Tech Me Out team want to show you the research behind some new technology that uses nature or its design is inspired by the things that are surrounding us in the wonderful world we live in. The speakers are going to talk about cryogenics and freezing the natural world to preserve it for future generations. Another speaker will focus on how we can use technology to try and solve the global food and hunger issues we are being faced with, and the final speaker is going to look at marine robotics. We have explored less than 5% of our oceans and despite our best efforts to design small robotic submarines to send down into the deep depths of the ocean, it is still restricted by the immense pressure and lack of light. But we do know that there are several species that live on those deep seabeds so this talk is going to give you an insight into how those animals are inspiring the next generation of marine exploration.

Image result for marine robotics

Night 2 – Another night at the Tech Me Out events is called Good Vibrations and is going to feature some seriously cool research on sound and virtual reality. One speaker is going to talk about tricking your brain with sound. I am sure most of us enjoy going to the cinema and getting immersed in the moment with the sound effects that feel like they are all around us! Any movie buff would love to replicate this at home with a series of speakers dispersed around your lounge. But this speaker is going to show  you an easier way to get that experience with a new prototype device that they have! Would you really want to miss out on a chance to be one of the first people to see this new device? The second speaker is going to talk about virtual reality! The gamer’s dream! But is it just computer games that this technology is being used for? The answer is quite simply no! This speaker invites you to learn about how the stunning visuals and sounds are created in this technology and how it recreates the perception of these events in the brain! Virtual reality is rapidly changing the way we interact with every day life – so come and see how this technology could be a part of your world! The final speaker is perfectly suited for the Pint of Science festival and is going to talk about pub acoustics! I am sure you have all been in noisy pubs and you have probably been in very quiet pubs, but do you really think the noise in the pub can affect your mood? What about the way your beer tastes? These are all questions that this speaker is going to  answer for you amongst many more to explain to you how sound affects your pub experience!

Image result for virtual reality

Night 3 – The final Tech Me Out night is probably the one I am most interested in due to the nature of my own PhD research. It is called Hardwired for Health and is going to explore how current technology is going to produce our future medicine! We have all heard of ultrasound yes? It is routinely used to check up on pregnancies and other medical applications, but one of the speakers this night is going to show you how it can be used to make cartilage for damaged knees or even build model lungs to see how we can treat asthma.  Our second speaker is going to talk about the new technologies that could replace animal testing in the medical world. Whether you are for or against animal testing, you are going to be all for this new technology that is going to be an ‘organ on a chip’. Find out what these chips will be used for, how they work and how they are going to change the face of clinical trials and testing as we know it. Our final speaker is going to be talking about growing replacement body parts in the lab. We are all aware that there are not enough organ donors to match the number of people on the transplant list. This final speaker is going to talk about one way research is currently trying to tackle this problem using stem cells amongst much more.

Image result for organs on a chip

So, I’ve managed to give you an insight into all the talks and speakers that will feature at the Tech Me Out events. There is so much exciting research going on that I’m sure you are going to struggle to choose which events to attend – I know I am! But I guarantee that you will learn something new and you will be excited about what our technological future holds.


Why should I attend the Tech Me Out events at #pint17?

I think I have given you ALL the reasons you should attend the Tech Me Out events in May but if you still need convincing the team have got this message for you:

‘Peer into our crystal ball and see what our technological future has in store! You won’t want to miss out on learning about the research that is happening now that WILL affect your future’


The Tech Me Out team are still working on finalising their program and activities for #pint17 #soton. But if you want to stay up to date with all the latest news and updates by join our Pint of Science – Southampton Facebook event. Or if Twitter is more your thing, then follow the accounts shown below 🙂

If you’ve missed the other #pint17 preview posts, click here to see what our Atoms to Galaxies team might have in store for you or click here if you want to learn about the brain with the Beautiful Mind team. Click here to discover the research happening right now that will affect your body or here to find out how you could help save our planet! Or  click here to see how science is affecting the society we live in!


We hope to see you in May learning about the amazing science research going on in Southampton in one of your local pubs!



Please don’t forget to keep up to date on all my new blog posts, all the latest news and more! Find me and Soph talks Science on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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