#Pint17 preview – Atoms to Galaxies

British Science Week 2017 continues all this week and to celebrate I am going to share with you a little taster of what you can find at this year’s Pint of Science festival in Southampton this May and why you should be ready to buy those tickets in 3 weeks time!!

So let’s get stuck in and tell you all about what you can expect to see at our ATOMS TO GALAXIES events from 15th-17th May and all the info you need to know already!


If you’ve ever asked yourself the questions how big is big or how small is small? – then the Atoms to Galaxies events at the Pint of Science festival are for you. This theme tackles all the BIG questions surrounding the stars, black holes and planets in our solar system all the way down to the answering the questions that ask about the LITTLE details of the atoms and structures that make up basically everything around you! Obviously with only three Atoms to Galaxies events in Southampton each year and with such a vast range of topics to cover – unfortunately the team cannot cover all the incredible chemistry and physics research going on. So, our team are working really hard behind the scenes to put together a really varied and interesting program for you which all the final details will be revealed in the coming weeks – so stay tuned for all the updates!

But first…

Who are Team Atoms to Galaxies?

Meet Lissie, Lik, Matt, Margarita and Renata!

This is your Atoms to Galaxies team for #pint17 #soton! These guys and gals have a wide variety of expertise from quantum physics and maths to marine biology and teaching! Quite a team eh?  These are the people contacting the best speakers in the city and getting hold of the most interactive activities for you to get involved with this May to ignite your love of atoms, elements and chemicals all the way up to stars, planets and black holes.

Team AtoG.png


Where will the Atoms to Galaxies events be?

These strastopheric-ly cool events will be held at the chilled and relaxed EBB and Flow Southampton.

Details of what time you can get there and whether there is any food available etc will be revealed in the next few weeks on http://www.pintofscience.com/events/southampton.


What will I learn about at the Atoms to Galaxies events?

Now for the exciting bit! What will the speakers and activities be about?

All the chemistry talks are still being finalised but to give you a taster it could teach you about how elements such as carbon, hydrogen and oxygen combine into different chemical structures and make up all the different things you come across in every day life – like your paracetamol or ibuprofen tablets, fireworks or even chocolate – or show you an insight into the day to day life of chemistry lab research techniques.

But there is one super cool activity that is 99% confirmed and I am really excited to share with you as part of this taster!

Who knows what this is a picture of?

Image result for Northern lights

Now I’m pretty sure all of you will know that this is a photo of the Northern Lights – a stunning phenomenon that I am desperate to go and see myself. Now – for most people to have the chance of seeing this spectacle – you probably have to shell out for a flight to somewhere like Iceland or Norway, and pay for accommodation for your stay and then pay for a trip to go out into the icy wilderness for a small chance of seeing this ‘once in a lifetime’ light show!

Now what if I told you that you could have the chance of seeing it in Southampton this May – except perhaps on a smaller scale!

Let me introduce to you the Planeterella. The Atoms to Galaxies team have pretty much guaranteed the appearance of this spectacular artificial demonstration of the Northern Lights and brings the awe and majesty of this phenomenon to your local pubs!

The Southampton Planeterrella

So, do not miss the chance to see this incredible demo at the Atoms to Galaxies events this May and get to ask your ‘HOW’ and ‘WHY’ questions about the Northern Lights and other space questions – and the added bonus of getting to see the aurora in the warmth of the EBB and Flow cafe without the expense of a flight 🙂


Why should I attend the Atoms to Galaxies nights?

Aside from the fact that you can see the magnificent spectacle that is the Northern Lights in the warm in May without the travelling expenses – there are plenty more reasons for you to attend the Atoms to Galaxies events – to learn about how black holes work, whether our universe is a hologram or on the smaller scale how the atomic structure of chocolate affects the way it tastes for example, but the Atoms to Galaxies team wanted me to send you this message:

‘Come to the Atoms to Galaxies events this May because whether you are interested in all things BIG, or all things small – Atoms to Galaxies has it all!’



Obviously the Atoms to Galaxies team are still working on finalising their program for #pint17 #soton. But if you want to stay up to date with all the latest news and updates by join our Pint of Science – Southampton Facebook event. Or if Twitter is more your thing, then follow the accounts shown below 🙂

We hope to see you in May learning about the amazing science research going on in Southampton in one of your local pubs!



Please don’t forget to keep up to date on all my new blog posts, all the latest news and more! Find me and Soph talks Science on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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