#Pint17 preview – SOTSEF

It is officially British Science Week 2017! YAY!


So, to celebrate I thought I could publish a blog a day for a week as I write a science blog. But then I wondered what on earth could I post about every day for a week when I have the rest of the month’s blog posts to write too? Perhaps I could do a ‘Scientist in the Spotlight’ special feature week and have a different scientist to cover each day? A great idea – but I hadn’t left myself enough time to contact enough people, do the interviews and get the blog posts together. So, it had to be something I was involved with that could cover 7 days! And then it clicked! Most of you who follow my blog and social media and saw myΒ My Science New Years ResolutionsΒ will know now that I am one of the publicist’s for this year’s Pint of Science festival in Southampton – so it is my job to sell out all 18 of the events we are holding this May, and to sell out events you need people to know about it and get people interested. So, my British Science Week blog special this week is going to feature a preview of what you can expect to see from the 6 themes of #pint17 #soton. So remember to check back in each day to see what theme I am talking about on that day, what plans they have for their events, why you should attend and more!


But today’s post is not about our #pint17 festival just yet. They will start from tomorrow onwards. But instead today, I am going to talk to you about Pint of Science Southampton’s plans first of all for SOTSEF!


Are you around in Southampton next Saturday 18th March? Do you have no plans for the day? Or do you like events that are FREE?

If the answer to any of those questions is YES – then you should come down with the whole family to the Southampton Science and Engineering Festival or SOTSEF!

And then come and find us – Pint of Science Southampton πŸ™‚


What is SOTSEF?

SOTSEF is the University of Southampton’s annual festival that allows everyone to explore and discover what the world of science and engineering has to offer.

SOTSEF began in 2002 as a one day, freeΒ Science and EngineeringΒ Day at the University of Southampton’s Highfield campus where ~200 people attended. Every year after, itΒ grew bigger and better, winning best Engineering eventΒ in 2009 and best STEM (science, technology,Β engineering and maths)Β Institution event in 2014. In 2015, SOTSEF officially was launched– marking the beginning of moving away from a one day event to a larger programme of events.

In 2016, SOTSEF had over 100 different activities, talks and toursΒ from 7 out of 8 faculties in the university.Β Β Boldrewood Innovation Campus also was open to the public for the first time with Lloyd’s Register providing a host of further activities.

And this year it is set to be even bigger! With more activities and more visitors! So, don’t miss out!

When is SOTSEF?

Saturday 18th March from 10.30am – 4.30pm so there is no excuse not to turn up and explore the incredible science and engineering activities that are going on.

Why should I come to SOTSEF?

Well, first of all it is FREE! Yes, FREE! Are you really going to turn down a freebie when you and your kids will definitely learn something!

But secondly, because you will find the Pint of Science team there. Β You can find us in Zone 4.Β Look out for a lot of orange and our Pint of Science logo.

If you love your time at this festival, then you won’t want to miss out on our festival in May! The team will be there to give you more information on what our festival is about and also give you a feel for what a night at our #pint17 festival might be like. There will be scientists there talking about their research, plus many more scientists helping out so please feel free to ask them about their work – they won’t bite I promise! They will be more than happy to share more info about their science with you. But also we will have some really great activities going on that will be a taster of what will happen at each of our 18 events in May.



But what are these activities at your SOTSEF stand?

Number 1 – We are going to set up a photo booth with a difference! You are probably used to the ones where you pick up a prop, stand behind a frame, say cheese and you get a pretty picture to stick up on your notice board. Well, ours will be better than that! Yes – we will have props. But they will be science props which obviously makes them instantly more cool πŸ˜› But you won’t just get the normal visible light photos that you’re used to – we will have infra red photos of you too like this one below! Pretty awesome right?


Whilst you’re getting your photo taken, ask our team why your face is white and the rest of your body is only orange, or why can I see my hands through the bin bag in the infra red photo but not in the normal one? Or ask them any other questions you might have!

Plus at the end of the day you will have a souvenir to take home with you πŸ™‚ What’s better than that right?


Number 2 – noone wants to come home to find out their house has been flooded right? Well, one of our activities is using an interactive website to look at the how’s and why’s of past flooding events. Again, there will be scientists around to ask any of your questions to.



Number 3 – Finally, we have some 3D bone models that you can interact with too! One of our festival coordinators created these images as part of his PhD and will be around for you to ask him all those burning questions you have about what he has found as part of his research so far!



He uses these bone models to see what differences there are between ‘young’ bone and ‘old’ bones and also ‘healthy’ bones and ‘diseased’ bones. Come along to our stand so you can learn about what happens to your bones as you get older and how these models are being used to help create new treatments to hopefully stop your bones from crumbling!


So, there is a lot of stuff going on and so many chances for you to learn something new.Β We want you to join us and learn about flooding, infra red light, bone modelling and more. But mostly we want you to enjoy learning about science and wanting to learn more. Because if you want to learn more – we have the perfect answer for you – our Pint of Science festival 2017 in May.



So please come and join us next Saturday and in May! It will be our best festival yet with so many great activities and speakers to learn from I don’t know how you will choose which events to go to! Whether you are interested in space, the oceans or technology – there will be something for you at #pint17 #soton!

Stay up to date with the latest news and when those all important tickets will go on sale with ourΒ Facebook eventΒ or if Twitter is more your thing, follow the accounts shown below πŸ™‚ And also come back to my blog every day this week to get another preview of what each theme is planning for their #pint17 events so you can make that really difficult decision about what events to actually attend!



Please don’t forget to keep up to date on all my new blog posts, all the latest news and more! Find me and Soph talks Science on Facebook, TwitterΒ and Instagram.


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