#Pint17 preview – Tech Me Out

Today is the last #pint17 preview post celebrating British Science Week! And today we are finishing with more of a futuristic theme than most with the turn of the Tech Me Out team. As the theme suggests we are talking all things technology and the research behind these futuristic advances. With the era of the […]

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#Pint17 preview – Our Society

Happy Friday everyone! I’m going to celebrate by publishing the penultimate #pint17 preview, so today we get a sneaky peak into what the Our Society team are brewing for our festival this summer. Right now you might be wondering what has the Our Society theme got to do with science? Initially I had exactly the […]

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#Pint17 preview – Planet Earth

Day 4 of celebrating British Science Week and it’s also Day 4 of of my #Pint17 preview blog posts. Thursday is the turn of the Planet Earth team and your first chance to see what they are brewing for this year’s Pint of Science festival in Southampton. Much like the Our Body theme yesterday – […]

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#Pint17 preview – Our Body

We have reached the half way stage of my British Science Week #Pint17 preview blog posts! But before we get too sad that this mini feature on my blog is nearly over – we have another theme to introduce to you today. So, let’s take a look around the Our Body team brewery and see […]

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#Pint17 preview – SOTSEF

It is officially British Science Week 2017! YAY! . So, to celebrate I thought I could publish a blog a day for a week as I write a science blog. But then I wondered what on earth could I post about every day for a week when I have the rest of the month’s blog […]

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