PhDLife. Time for an upgrade!

After having to delay my transfer viva in December for health reasons, I woke up this morning slightly regretting agreeing to reschedule my viva for Friday the 13th :/

Naturally I was nervous and anxious about what to actual expect from this. It wasn’t until 2pm so I spent most of the day waiting and worrying. Tried to distract myself with some lab work but then felt guilty that I wasn’t reading my thesis.

Finally, the time came and I made my way over to the correct room whilst thinking about how daunting a PASS or FAIL exam was. You either have it or you don’t!

But an hour and a half later and….


I PASSED! I managed to defend my thesis and my data! I know what I’m talking about! The defence is over! It’s up! Done! Finished! Until the main one at least – but for now I can forget! I could actually get a PhD in the end now!

That’s one of My science New Years Resolutions completed and ticked off too! A good start to the new year!

My supervisor has always said to me that she always notices a change in the student after they have transferred and I’ve always thought to myself ‘I won’t be one of those’ – probably because I don’t feel my lack of self-confidence would allow me to change that much. But I’ll be honest, I already feel a lot better. So there is some kind of revitalising upgrade effect, or maybe it’s the relief that is is over! Only time will tell!


So, here’s to FINALLY being able to get back into the lab and not have to worry about writing or revising just yet! Time to get some more data!


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