My #StemCellResolution. What’s yours?

This post probably seems like deja vu right? Yes! I know I’ve already told you all about myΒ Science New Years Resolutions, but a campaign set up by this month’s Scientist in the SpotlightΒ Karen RΒ aimed to raise the awareness of stem cell research is challenging scientists and the public to make aΒ #StemCellResolutionΒ for 2017. And after a […]

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PhDLife. Time for an upgrade!

After having to delay my transfer viva in December for health reasons, I woke up this morning slightly regretting agreeing to reschedule my viva for Friday the 13th Naturally I was nervous and anxious about what to actual expect from this. It wasn’t until 2pm so I spent most of the day waiting and worrying. […]

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