If you could ask science anything…

If you could ask science anything what would it be?

Obviously I love stem cells and want to know everything I can possibly know about them, and the really exciting bits I try to share with you guys, but I realise that (unfortunately!) not everyone is as interested in stem cells as much as I am. I really enjoyed branching out a bit more in my recent Halloween themed post and so as this blog is called Soph talks Science, not Soph talks Stem Cells, I thought it was time to branch out a bit more and answer YOUR big science questions! What do you want to know or learn about?

If you don’t always believe everything medicine and science related that you read in the media (which I hope you don’t!) – wouldn’t you rather ask an actual scientist to explain the news to you rather than a journalist who would paint it in a biased light?

I want to know what science you guys and gals want to know about! Is there a big science story in the news and you want to know more about it? Maybe your kids keep asking you the same questions and you don’t know how to answer it? I’d love for you to comment so I can plan posts explaining the science behind these things. And I really would love you to post because there is probably someone else out there who wants to know the same thing as you but is too shy to say it! So let’s be loud and proud and share science together!

I want YOU to inspire my future posts in a new feature called ScienceExplained so I can teach you something you are interested in and want to know more about!

Maybe you want to know why that garlic smell stays on your breath for what seems like forever! Maybe you want to know more about cancer or dementia? Or maybe it’s whether it is really true that one glass of wine a night can add years to your life? As today is Remembrance Day – maybe it’s got you thinking about how your brain makes memories? Maybe the kids have been asking you why all the leaves have fallen off the trees and why they are different colours, or why the sky is blue?

The possibilities are endless!

Get involved! Get your kids involved! Get your parents, grandparents, friends, colleagues – get them all involved! Because science IS for everyone and we should share it together!


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