So, where do I go from here?

All university assignments are completed and the graduand life begins.

This is the time between uni life and the big wide world where I’m starting to panic if I’ve chosen the right thing to do and wondering what on earth to do with my life now. Masters? PhD? Or just get a job?

Well, for now the care-free lifestyle is the one I will adopt, at least until I move out of my little, cosy flat in Bath and move back Β to Wales. But I will never lose my passion for science and so, my next life project is this science blog.

I’ve always loved the thrill associate with discovery and so I think the link between science communication and research is an area I need to explore. Even if I just explain one small matter to one person, or inspire one person to become a scientist and discover something new, this would all be worth it. So, here it is, my brand spanking new science blog. Let’s see where this adventure takes me.




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